Top 5 Cheap Things to do in London

London, being a megalopolis of population, is energetic, vibrant and multicultural which also holds a plenty of cheap and free things to do in London over a weekend with family or folks. Keep reading down to explore more on the shoe string budget London tour.

London is the largest and the sprawling capital city of England and also of UK. No wonder the city is also the largest city in the European Union and Western Europe. Located next to River Thames, the city of London remains an international capital of culture, education, music, fashion and trade. You can indulge in some low budget and interesting in the city.

Getting in or out is simple as its local transport system cater round the clock and in abundance, leaving no one stranded. With numerous flights to London and from London make it one of the busiest airports in the world. It offers an abundance of cheap flights too!!

London has something amazing and best to offer to everyone – from glorious museums, spectacular architecture, diversified culture, flourishing parks and impressive cuisine. The city is also a tireless talent of cosmic dynamism that allures everyone coming into the town, yet it is purely British by nature and style. 

London in cheap

You need not worry if you’re sightseeing on a budget as plenty of London’s top museums are free to explore. Head to the British Museum for some free art and culture, the Natural History Museum for amazing artifacts, learn something new at the Science Museum or discover art and design at the V&A. All free of charge.

Food without hole

If you’re feeling stretched for cash, don’t worry – dining out in London doesn’t have to burn a hole in wallet. London’s got best cheap eats in central, north, south, east and west London. Choose n Pick from 8 Station Terrace , Arancini Factory, Beatroot or Borough Market and so on.

Penniless Music 

Forget shelling out for pricey music festivals and arena tours, some of the capital’s best gigs and concerts don’t cost a penny.  Whirlwind Sessions/Andre Canniere, Canary Wharf Jazz festival, Leon T Pearl or head out east for more good music.

Economical Shopping? For real!!

The capital is home to many fantastic markets, from the popular Camden Market, to hidden gems in Piccadilly, Bloomsbury and beyond.  Between the charity shops’ rags and the vintage boutiques’ riches lie the wonders of the thrift store. Second-hand stuff that’s beautifully curated but doesn’t cost sky high. Try East End Thrift Store, Beyond Retro, Absolute Vintage a must.

A walk in Green sunset

As the city’s greenery is full of life where one can explore unusual parks and walking trail tours with walks in the garden. The tour of Bunhill Fields is perfect for weekday off from the daily work. The City Gardens Central and City Gardens East are no doubt, amazing ways to admire the city outside your tireless working hours. 

You don’t always need big money to go around in London. There are still ample of other things to do in London. Please feel free to add more pointers to it.

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