Top 7 Fun-filled Activities to do in Africa

Africa seems to be a playground for the wild welcoming immense flights to Africa. Being an staggering continent, a question pops up in every travellers mind – How can I enjoy the very best in Africa? Well, the answer can list out endless activities. From going on trekking, enjoying beach activities to culinary and adventure tours, you can do what your heart desires. Let’s find out the top things to do in Africa.

Follow the Call of the Wild

In Swahili, the word ‘safari’ means to ‘go on a journey’ and obviously, most people travel to Africa to enjoy a thrilling wildlife safari. For safari tours, East and South Africa top the list. You can encounter the Big Five in East Africa, witness the migration of the wildebeest and track down majestic gorillas. Even in South Africa, you can witness the Big Five and much more.

Leave Footprints on the Sand

The beach resorts of North Africa have always lured sun seekers to soak in the sun and the sea. But if you wish to avoid the crowd, just advance further south. The East coast offers beach lovers their choice of stay, from budget huts to luxurious private islands, Zanzibar and Seychelles are full of them.

Alternatively, Africa’s west shores are lined up with countless palm-fringed beaches. Swimming is a bit difficult, but surfing is amazing. With tickets to Africa, you will love bumping into a few penguins in South Africa as well as swim with the sharks. Explore Lake Malawi, a paradisaical beach with golden sands.

Stand on a Mountain Top

Hiking and trekking in Africa is a leisure activity as the continent offers fantastic opportunities to hike a mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountain and Mount Kenya activates delight for a half-day hike. Even the less renowned mountains such as Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains and Simien Mountains offer a challenge to conquer them. Other excellent hikes include walking safaris in Zambia and South Africa’s multi-day hike along the breathtaking Wild Coast.

Africa on Two Wheels

Once Africa was known for its walking tours, well they are still famous, but cycling holidays are catching up with several locals and visitors. It’s eco-friendly and highly convenient to explore the rural parts. It is said that, ‘Biking let’s you see, hear and experience Africa in a deeper way’. With flights from London to Africa, you can either explore all by yourself, or be a part of the African Bike Tour.

Be Historical

Civilisation and life started in Africa and there can be no other place than Tanzania. This is a great destination for anyone bent towards exploring ruins and excavations. There are plenty of caves that come alive with its paintings and historical significance. The Egyptians and their architecture display a splendour of tombs, monuments and sculptors. The cities of Timbuktu, Fez and Marrakech showcase the marks of medieval times.

Taste Best Adventures

Every corner of African is drenched with adventure. Whether you are on the ground or in the air, whether you’re in a city or in the suburbs, thrill is just all over. The Victoria Falls tops the list in being the adventure capital of Africa. With flights to Africa from Crystal Travel, you can swim up to the edge, indulge in bungee jumping, enjoy rapids and rafting, and encounter the stunning wildlife just before your eyes. The Sahara Desert offers spellbinding motorcycle rides and sand-boarding. Surfers can head towards the bays of Southern Africa and dive with the whales.

Shop & Enjoy African Cuisine

The markets of Africa are full of life. It’s a joy to see the local artists and artisans working skilfully and buy traditional products. While shopping you might be enticed to pamper your taste buds just because the smell of food increased your appetite. Just be sure to exercise your bargaining skills while shopping. The cities of Morocco, Accra and Fez display thriving Masai markets, selling merchandise in full.

Culinary tours in Africa are wonderful opportunities to enjoy the taste of culture, tradition and history. Whether you dine in the big cities or sample food in the rural areas, it’s an experience to cherish with tickets to Africa from UK.

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