Top 3 Beach Capitals of Europe to Visit This Summer

Choked with a swelling sum of charisma and charmers, Europe is absolutely perfect to visit for thrilling days of summer holidays. One of the most beautiful continents in the world and renowned for vastest range of attractions, Europe is an exotic and endless journey for voyagers. A consistently varying but tempting climate, mesmerizing landscapes, adventures cliffs, beauteous sceneries in association with its ionic history and multifarious culture across the whole continent make it an elegant place for rejuvenating summer holidays, with the bonus of several stunning beaches.

However, a big number of today’s trendy travelers want to splurge their vacations on the beaches, without keeping distance from metropolitan culture and enjoying its offerings. So, if you are too lingering around the same oscillation, take this chance to visit European beach capitals.

Offering a magical combination of ocean-fronting positions along with the numerous activities that metropolitan culture provides, some capital towns in Europe which are situated on the edges of wonderful water peninsulas can cater you the zest of big metropolitan and seducing beach town simultaneously.

Here are top 3 Beach Capital Towns in Europe

Costa da Caparica in Lisbon, Portugal   

With a magnificent stretch across the southern shores of the River Tagus, and just a half an hour drive from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, Costa da Caparica is a hot pick of Lisbon’s residents during summer holidays. Stretched over more than 30 kms of sea, sand and sky, the beach region lets travelers to enjoy various activities including but not limited to sunbath, swimming, fishing and snorkeling and diving. While massive cliffs in the background give it a refreshing backdrop, presence of several bars and pub make the whole atmosphere dynamic.

Havnebadet at Island Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark

If to explore one destination is to follow locals, than chasing a Copenhagener during summer days will surely take you to no where than Havnebadet. One of the most favorite places amidst locals to cool off summers in Denmark’s capital, this is a modernized swimming spot with crystal clear water and amazing environment. Come here in summers and enjoy stimulating harbour bathing.

Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki, Finland

This can easily be the best beach of Finland, with just a slight distance from the capital Helsinki. Famous as “Hietsu” amidst locals, this beach with its soothing sandy conditions, iconic scenery and dazzling atmosphere is a splendid choice to stay during summer holidays. Moreover, you can visit Finland, regarded as a true paradise for summer holidayers.

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