Top Cheap and Charming Destinations in Europe

Europe is often comprehended as an expensive holiday destination for which many tourists plan their travel well in advance, save few pounds or even cancel going on a holiday assuming that its not affordable.
Certainly this is not light on pocket but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that few countries in Europe will not make a hole in your pocket as they are simply wonderful destinations to explore. All you need to do is balance your money between food, sightseeing and stay.
Take a look at some handpicked European holiday destination for 2014:

Czech Republic

This destination is landlocked by 3 countries and is one of the smallest countries in Central Europe. The highlight of the place is that it is not gorgeous but extremely affordable to spend your holidays. It has enough places attractions and free sites to keep you busy on your tour.
Do not forget to visit the Charles Bridge, Havelska Flower Market and Vyeshrad. Prague is so small that you can cover it on foot, halting at quaint cafes with number of eating options. Beer is cheap here with pocket-friendly party options.


Art nouveau, Neoclassical and baroque are the words that describe Budapest best. The place is characterized by homely hotels, several home stay options and various road side eateries that are lighter on any traveler’s pockets.
Not only these, there are myriads of sightseeing options that you can explore on foot with nominal entry charges. This makes Budapest affordable and a wonderful place to explore.


Amsterdam is so affordable that it had to be on the list, popular for its small and artsy hotels right in the center of the city. Amsterdam makes it a great choice for travelers of all ages.
A maze of public transport like trams, buses, canals and trains make this city quite affordable. Cheap bars and clubs that are spread across the city make it one of the hottest party destinations too.


It is one of the ancient, visually appealing and a breathtaking European destination which is light on your pocket. Inter city transfers are through bus and cheap flights with number of staying options ranging from home stays, fancy hotels to great B&B’s. All these make it a wonderful holiday spot.


This European destination is affordable and relaxing because holidaying on Greek island is on every traveler’s wish list and is a convenient place for many. Places like Mykonos, Crete and Santorini give myriads of options to choose from.
Tourists can travel by ferries and if you pre-book them then you can also get tickets at an affordable price. Food can be cheap or expensive based on your preference and since there isn’t much of sightseeing once you walk out of the islands.


Bordered by sprawling parkland, Sofia lies at the foot of popular ski mountain, Vitosha. Therefore it earns the title of being the cheapest city in Europe due to lost cost carriers. This capital city of Bulgaria was founded thousands of years ago and today it continues to develop as the economic and cultural center of the country with a population of 1,250,000.
In these intimate European metropolises, you’re sure to get a warm welcome, find stylish steals and get to enjoy food, wine, culture and fashion so do not give a second thought to book cheap flights to Europe.

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