Top Destinations to Visit in February

In the romantic month of February, few of the world’s most entertaining festivals take place all over the world with full fervour and celebrations. From the iconic festivals in Rio, to Hong Kong’s amazing New Year festivals, the amount of fun and vigour that goes into these celebrations is mind-blowing. With these amazing festivals, you also get a taste of the culture as you journey into these amazing destinations in February.
We have offered some wonderful times to the Maldives for many years, and there is a reason that it is the most popular destination. With scintillating sands, crystal blue waters and lush palm trees, this quixotic place is a picture-perfect destination and a stunning beach escape. The climate in the Maldives ranges from 25-30°C all through the year. The rains creep in from July and continue all the way in September and November too.
Maldives will definitely make you relax, therefore, get ready to lose your senses after seeing the breathtaking beauty and the view down the horizon.
Sharm El Sheikh
The staggering beach resort of Sharm El Sheikh is located at a vital location towards the Red Sea, which is next to the captivating Na’ama Bay. Recognised for its abundant coral reefs, diving is extremely popular in this place. First timers and returning visitors will surely marvel at the underwater scenery along with an array of activities and a wonderful climate. The best time to visit Sharm El-Sheikh is between March to April and October to November.
Famous highlights include the amazing backdrop of Mount Sinai and a picture-perfect view of the Red Sea. The beauty above the water as well as below, continues to spell-bind people from all over.
New Zealand
There isn’t a place more magical and enchanting than New Zealand. Right from the glorious mountains, volcanoes and valleys, to the glacial lakes and ice floes, your will surely be on your toes to capture these places.
The warmest months in New Zealand are during the months December to February and June to August are the coldest.
The highlights of NZ include sulphur springs and geysers, whale and dolphin watching, incredible views on the Tongariro Crossing, nature trips to Wellington and Auckland. You can also enjoy swimming with the dolphins as well as go on a trek to Fox Glacier and explore ice caves. Do not forget to enjoy kayaking, or even horse riding. To enjoy peaceful times alone or even with your loved one, head towards Milford Sound or visit Southern Alps.
Holidays to the UAE are extremely unforgettable when you face the illuminated lights of Dubai and the affluent city of Abu Dhabi. Whether you choose to check-in among the glitz and glamour of the city, or prefer a serene desert view, there are umpteen choices. Each Emirate has its own distinctive characteristic where we can help you find one.
Being a warm region, the best time to visit the place is from November to March. The months May to September are extremely hot, when temperatures exceed 45°C.
The holidays to UAE are quite popular, with an impressive array of luxury hotels such as the iconic Burj Al Arab which is scattered across the city.
The Fiji Islands
Fiji is an exotic melting pot of cultures and traditions and home to pristine coastlines, tropical forests. Fiji hotels and resorts vary from budget and friendly accommodations to exclusive hotels and apartments too.
Choose to stay at one of Fiji’s picturesque coast with a stretch of bright powdery sands and idyllic palm trees. To experience isolation, try one of Fiji’s exclusive offshore islands. There are smaller islands that offer a true getaway to families as well as couples. With high tropical climate, throughout the year, the humidity is equally strong.

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