Top European Festivals in 2014

Witness the best of European festivals and celebrations as it is impossible to categorize them under one because it’s just like asking someone about their favorite film.
With so many different festival genres, you can choose a festival to fit your mood and interest right from seeing the raging bulls run, flying tomatoes, sink in frothy German beer and a number of exhilarating once-in-a lifetime  adventures and celebrations.
Take a look at top European festivals in 2014:

Venice Carnival

This European festival is marked by amazing costumes, masquerades, acrobats and street performers to brighten up the winter season since it is the most celebrated festival in Europe.
The Venice Carnival started in the 12th century takes place each year on 12th century and is undoubtedly the highlight of the city. Glamorous costumes and masks add to the mysterious and magical atmosphere making Venice Carnival one of the celebrated and fascinated events in Europe.

St. Patrick Day

No one knows to party like the Irish, therefore on St. Patrick’s Day enjoy music, street performance, comedy, night spectacles and street theater. Celebrate the national holiday of the Irish with the locals right in the heart of Ireland.
St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and March 17th is marked as the death anniversary of the saint. Irish communities all over the world celebrate this day with a typical zest but nowhere can it match the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin.

Las Fallas

Experience the fiery Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain which takes place in March each year filled with ferocious proportions. Las Fallas means fire torch and is arguably the biggest, coolest, craziest and most fun-filled festival in Spain.
This festival started way back in the 18th century and began when people celebrated St. Joseph’s Day- the patron saint of carpentry. Las Fallas is among those amazing festivals with very few international tourists so you can be sure of true Spanish experience.


If you are in UK during Easter then there are number of great options to choose from because this is a great time to travel when flowers are booming, streets aren’t that packed with tourist and locals come out in full swing. During this time there are few queues for museums, galleries and shops loaded with lots of yummy chocolates.


This is your chance to pay respect to the fallen soldiers of the New Zealand and Australian Army Corps at the site of ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey.
Usually the trips begin in Istanbul on various dates depending on the length of your trip. Once you enter the ANZAC Cove area you can find a space and campout under the stars amongst thousands of others that pay respect.
In the evening there are music, documentaries and speeches that are played till the morning of 25th April, observed as ANZAC Day.

Amsterdam King’s Day

Make sure you join the Dutch celebrating King’s Day so spend a party filled long weekend in April to celebrate the arrival of spring in style with on going crazy festivities.
Formerly it was known as Queen’s Day and recently it has been rechristened as King’s Day to celebrate the new Dutch monarch, King Willem- Alexander.
If you are heading to Europe this holiday season then make sure you pack your goggles because you’re going to stumble upon at least one street party so make sure you party in true European festive style.

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