Top Five Activities in Halloween

Hey it’s Halloween – A night of spine-chilling costumes, wild street parties and a bag full of sweets. However, for many who are travelling, this festival can land up as just another day. If you are at an unknown place and do not know anyone we can help you make your Halloween quite exciting and a little spookier.
Here are top 5 spooky Halloween travel activities that can help you to narrow your choices and a day’s activity.

Dive with Sharks in Malpelo

Malpelo is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, situated approximately 310 miles west of the Colombian mainland. The island is quite weird and unusual with rugged rocks projecting out into the Pacific Ocean. The main attraction is quite creepy, where you get the opportunity to dive in with the attractive hammerhead sharks.
Doesn’t it sound like a scene right out of the movie Jaws? The best part is that these sharks are quite ignorant and you just have to enjoy their movement and nature. Would you go for a night dive?

Hunt Crocodiles in the Amazon at Night

This can turn out to be spooky! Imagine yourself in the Amazon under the pitch-black sky with all the eerie noises around. All you need is a guide pointing a torch right into the dark muddy waters looking out for any Caiman eyes. As he spots one, there he goes right into the water to grab one for you to admire it closely. It is then released back into the water. The whole process is spine-chilling!

Into the Graveyards

Halloween is not only about fascinating and scary animals; it’s also about a visit to the graveyard to learn about the local history as well as surrounding yourself in a spooky place. Get to learn about the main historical figures that are buried there.

Gorgona Island

Another amazing diving spot in the Caribbean with an interesting history is none other than Gorgona Island. The island has a perfect spine-chilling background tale that is linked with the legend of the Greek snake-haired Medusa. Pizarro named this island on the account of his men who died from snake bites and were kept here.

Fishing the Piranha

Piranha – the eventual horrific creature can be fished out if you dare enough to throw a fishing line and pull up the most aggressive one. The later part is much scarier when you take a dip in the water.

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