Top Five Haunted Places of Europe

In many places of the world especially in Europe, October and November are set aside for holidays so that people can honor the departed souls and exchange spine-chilling supernatural stories. Some simply do not like to delve deep into ghosts and spooky things but are curious enough to know about notorious places, curses, vengeful spirits and unexplained paranormal activities.

Here is list of some top haunted places in Europe:

The Parisian Catacombs, Paris, France

This was created as a solution to the swelling population of Europe and the impossibility to bury everyone in the church graveyard situated within the limits of the city and without disturbing the city’s water supply, the catacombs project was initiated in 1786.
The bodies were exhumed and the transfer of dead bodies from church graveyard to deserted graveyards took around two years to complete. Today it is open for guided tours and has been listed under haunted places in the world.
Several tourists have experienced invisible hands touching them, the feel of being watched, change in temperature, strange voice and have got an eerie feel of being chocked.

Haunted castles of Scotland

There are myriads of ancient castles in Scotland and some of them are even more haunted according to the local folk tales. Glamis Castle is one of the most haunted castles in Scotland. It is a dare-devil stunt to spend a night within its walls.
The Scotland tourism board loves to play up with the castle’s reputation for being a ghost infested destination that provided an array of ideas for adventure-seeking visitors. Even Edinburgh castle is reported to be among the haunted spots in the city, but more terrifying are the castle itself that are dark and damp dungeons which were previously used for imprisonment and torture.

Bran, Romania

Constructed in 1337, the Bran Castle has become a legendary stuff. In 15th century it was home to Vlad the Impaler who became an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It has been reported that he consumed the blood of his enemies; Vlad the Impaler was a harsh and unforgiving ruler who killed his subjects even for minor crimes.
Visitors have heard moaning coming out from hidden tunnel below the castle while other claim that Vlad still haunts the castle citing the photographs of his room and leaving behind a mist.

Tower of London, London, England

It was erected on 1078 and has witnessed some horrific tortures and gore murders tagging it as the most scary building in London.
The Tower of London has been home to the ghosts of Anne and Lady Jane Grey as well as Margret Pole-the Countess of Salisbury who was mercilessly hacked to death by an executioner on 1541.
The Tower of London is a witness to tortured past and eerie stories of famous prisoners whose spirit still sway through damp passengers.

Leap Castle, County Offaly, Ireland

This is another haunted castle in Ireland because Leap Castle has a troubled past filled with murders and massacres leaving behind a deadly vengeful spirits in their wake.
The castle was constructed on a Druidic site by a family known as O’ Carrolls who had a habit of murdering and dumping people down the hole in the castle walls. The most famous murder took place in a chapel known as “The Bloody Chapel”, where all kinds of haunting have been reported.
Though the castle is privately owned but the tours are also carried out. Therefore, at this holiday season forget the pumpkins and scary theme parks, if really want your share of fun at the creepy places of Europe which are sure to make your skin crawl.

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