Top Five Myths About Zurich Debunked

Zurich is often described as chic, small-scale and thoroughly modern that can seduce even a non-traveler. If you ask anyone about Zurich then it will all about bankers, chocolate, fondue and cuckoo clocks but definitely not listed under the party capital of Europe.
The largest city of Switzerland might not have the glamour of Paris, the luxury of London nor the persona of Berlin but  this city of Swiss bankers has some other hidden depths that made it earn the name ‘the City of Gnomes’.
Therefore no matter where you go in Switzerland, your travels are likely to include Zurich which is set beside a breathtaking lake, distinguished by its modern art and medieval architecture, filled with retail and chocolate temptations which make it a worth spending a day or two.
Take a look at top myths about Zurich:

Zurich is Dull

You’ll be surprised to know that one million people come out on city streets every August for Street Parade.
It was started by a group of ravers in 1992 has popularized this event as the largest open air dance party in Europe. This has been conceived as a demonstration for ‘love, peace, liberty, tolerance and generosity’.
This Street Parade evolved into a Bacchanalian celebration of boisterous beats. During this event expect some ground-shaking sound system, peculiar dance outfits, foam parties and lycra body suits.

Not Much to Do in Zurich

Locals will never agree on this because during Swiss summer the residents swap suits for swimming costumes and take a dip into the cool waters of River Limmat and Lake Zurich.
It has more than 25 public swimming baths that are lined across the riverbanks and lakeshore, right from street hangouts like Flussbad Oberer Letten where the hot, hip and young come to cool down.

No Attractions in Zurich

Well, there are no extra ordinary things to see in the Vatican museum and the Louvre but still the city is packed with a dose of fine art like the Kunsthaus art museum which is jam-packed with works by Turner, Rodin, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Edward Munch, Matisse and Mondrian.
For the latest Swiss art statements, check out the Migros Museum, housed in the old Lowenbrau brewery, explore the concepts of society and space through its exhibition.

Zurich is Perfect

Yes, Zurich is spotless because the trains run on time and the streets are almost litter-free but this does not mean that this city is exaggeratedly proper.
For example take a look at the attitude of the locals to graffiti, every year graffiti artists are invited to show case their talents at legal graffiti walls like the one at Rote Fabrik which was a silk mill that has been converted into artists’ hub on the west shore of Lake Zurich.

Zurich Has No Nightlife

Try few glasses of dry Fendant wine in Zurich West and you’ll know why? This part of the city has some of the sleekest bars and clubs that are housed in the shells of once-abandoned shipyards and factories.
It is just like the Meatpacking District of New York or move left field with a cocktail in the original Cabaret Voltaire whose wacky cabaret is inspired by the Dada art movement.
Once again cabaret has become the hotbed of creative talent through exciting movies and stage shows.
Hopefully the myths about thus Swiss capital have been proved wrong because right from visiting the rainforest to shopping Zurich the financial hub of Switzerland has lots to offer.

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