Top Food Markets of the World

Seeking for the best nibbles in the world then take a tour at the best global food markets where eating is a must. Whether it’s chaotic or orderly and scruffy or refined, the global street markets offer fresh, cheap and local seasonal produce alongside a slice of local life.
A leisurely stroll to the best food markets of the world can offer more entertainment, drama and eye-candy than anything on a food trail. The offerings not only relate to the complex history and vibrant culture of the place but they also associate to what’s in the season, what’s for dinner and endless delicious options.
Therefore take a look at iconic food markets of the world known for their rich produce, local flavor and landscape of the place.

Borough Market London

Rated as the oldest market of London, this is a place where traditionalists and trend setters shop side by side. It has more than 100 stalls featuring right from baked goods, cheese, confections, charcuterie, wine, beer, veggies, fruit, spices, meat, fish and seafood along with an astonishing variety of dining options right from Thai street food to Argentine empanadas and Indian dosa. The market is so popular that even publishes its magazine known as Market Life.

Jemma El-Fnaa Marrakech Morocco

Situated right in the middle of Old City’s main square, it is always buzzing with life where you can find snake charmers, fortune tellers, monkey handlers, belly dancers who provide entertainment near the stalls that sell freshly squeezed orange juice and exotic teas. As the night heightens the energy considerably illuminates the Marrakech’s center, it has 100 open kitchens that serves grilled kebabs, stewed tajines and steaming couscous even in the wee hours.

Carmel Market Tel Aviv Israel

An authentic opera waits in each stall, as vendors sing to sell their wares so follow the music and taste some freshly baked bourekas which are savory pasties with lots of cheese, potato and spinach. You can also taste smoky grilled sausages or an entire section of Asian delicacies for lovers of Eastern ingredients. Most visitors like to stop by Minzar which is an onsite 24-hour restaurant and a great place for snacking.

Fish Market Bergen Norway

Here visitors can buy some vacuum-sealed salmon which they can bring back home as a souvenir. You can pull up a stool at one of the 40 purveyors and dive right into the gems found in the Nordic waters. It is the best place to compare and contrast crabs, and once for all find out whether stone, king, or brown is the one that creeps into your boat. Adventurous souls can also try something unusual like the whale meat.

Kreta Ayer Wet Market Singapore

The highlight of the place is anything that wiggles, writhes or wriggles because you can find common sight of eels, snakes, reptiles and frogs in addition to meat and herbs. This landmark place is Singapore’s Chinatown and the term wet market comes from its ritual of constantly hosing down the floors so, wear your shoes as your feet can get into small streams. Visit the food hall upstairs for tofu and noodle dishes.
Food markets around the world go by different names and take various forms, but they are not only a place to barter and grope for exotic produce but also some of the great places to eat.

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