Top Perfume Shops in London

London is the den of some of the most ancient and paramount perfumes in the world and a charming looking bottle is still the best gift gift for anyone you know would love to have it. You must know where to get it from!
Whether you visit London for business or pleasure make sure to visit these perfume shops known for their expertise and remarkable English mannerisms.

Les Senteurs

Les Senteurs means ‘the scents’ which is popularly known as connoisseur’s perfumery. It was established in 1984 and a family-run business with a long standing reputation for being able to pick up the latest scent.
The owners Betty and Michael Hawksley were two of the first in UK to stock in some famous brands like Annick Goutal,Creed and Diptyque. This place is great for fragrance specialists and those looking forward to discover the delights.


It was established in 1730 and still a family-run business. This perfume shop is famous for traditional English colognes and soaps of fine quality, and holds two royal warrant which means that also supply to British royalty. Visit the original store at Jermyn Street corner for reasonable semi-custom perfumery consultations.

The Perfume Maker

Nestled amid the hustling boutiques of London’s Royal Arcade is a warm, candle-lit shop of perfumer Ormonde Jayne. It is usually visited by loyal customers that are mostly middle-aged and older women, elegant and sure of choices for fragrances that are sold filled with bold perfumes: tuberose, lily, osmanthus, jasmine and frangipani.


Penhaligon has a collection of 34 designer perfumes that have been stored in its signature ribbon wrapped glass vials for over 135 years. Their Anthology collections links the past with the present with reformulated fragrances that dates back to 1927.
The soul-filling aromatic perfumes have been up on the shelf in most of the best boutiques as each fragrance has a story to tell.
This is one of the long-standing perfume shops in London that dates back to three centuries to the days when members of the royal families’ placed order in local boutiques to create a customized fragrance.

Ormonde Jayne

The only perfume shop in London known for elegant perfumes scented candled and body products by Linda Pilkington. Ormonde Jayne manufactures all its products in its own London Laboratory because this place is all about quality and luxury that uses a number of specialty oils not widely used in perfume industry.

The Antiques Collector

It is true that perfume junkies like antiques anoraks that trawl in certain places for eccentricities and old treasures. The man who is most passionate about perfume is Roja Dove who has set up his shop in Harrods.
Hidden behind the reception of the fifth floor spa is his perfume treasure. Dove spends weeks to hunt for the lost perfumes and coverts them into gems from the drops of Les Marmes Sacrees de Thebes and Farouche which has been unavailable for four years.

Geo F. Trumper

Traditionally Geo F. Trumper is an English barber that offers shaving products and high quality colognes. It was established in 1875 and offers a range of gentleman’s fragrance and grooming products that are found all over the world. These are some best perfumes shops in London to that cater to the needs of perfume lovers.

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