Top Places in Amritsar that will give you Serious Foodgasm

For all the foodies around the globe, who simply can’t resist food, hurry and book your Flights to Amritsar. To get a taste of authentic food, here’s a list of places in Amritsar that you simply can’t miss!

1)    Kesar da Dhaba – Pure Vegetarian


Located somewhere between the narrow lanes of Amritsar, the place is famous for its delicious mouth-watering Punjabi food. To treat your taste buds, you can also try a glass of Lassi and Phirni in the dessert.

Address: Chowk Passian, Shastri Market

 2)    Beera Chicken


Not only the place got featured on the television series Highway On My Plate, but is also considered as one of the best places which serves delicious Chicken Tikka Tandoori.

Because of the limited area, you can also order food from your car.

3)    Adarsh Meat Shop

For the love of Mutton Chaap, you simply can’t say NO to this place! Located somewhere around the Rose Garden, the place serves delicious mutton tikka and Chaap. Here, you will find people in large queues, waiting for their turn. But to be honest, it is worth the wait.

4)    Ahuja Lassi

No trip to Amritsar is complete without having a glass of Lassi. Located near the Hindu College, the place serves amazing Lassi.

5)    Bharawan Da Dhaba – Pure Vegetarian

The mouth-watering Makkiki roti and Sarson da saag will simply make you fall in love with the place. Due to close proximity to the Golden Temple, the place serves only vegetarian food.

6)    Kanha Sweets

If this is you are visiting Amritsar for the first time, then don’t miss the chance to try your hands on the delicious Pinni made from lentil and jiggery. The place is famous for its mouth-watering Pinni, Halwas and besanladdoos.

7)    Kulcha Land

Famous among people from all over, the place serves a wide variety of AmritsariKulchas.

Address: Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue

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