Top Places to Jive and Groove in Majorca

If grooving and jive is all you want, Majorca is the perfect Mediterranean spot that draws hordes of tourists annually. Where nightlife is concerned make your holidays in Majorca exceptional in this stunning island that never lacks in offering a unique one. Despite the summer crowd, Majorca contains everything one could ask for in a nightlife.

Paseo Marítimo, Palma

One of the most trendy areas to experience a perfect nightlife in Majorca is the Paseo Marítimo, which is located in the fascinating city of Palma. As you enter the area, you will come across several pubs and bars lined up alongside the promenade and the sea. Several nightclubs abide in between the Palma Port and the cathedral that provides an amazing time to tourists who will not stop dancing at any cost.
Tito’s is another spectacular place which should not be missed at all. It is said to be a favourite place in Palma.
Most of the people who gather at Tito’s are students who are best in creating the most heart-throbbing vibe. If you are really looking to party all night, this is the place for you. To explore more, Pacha is another world-famous club where the celebrities go. The club itself is quite large, with top-class food and international DJ’s playing the right music for you. Apart from these, Shamrock Fun Place and Garito Cafe too, have a mind-blowing experience.


Alternate to Paseo Marítimo, the capital city of Palma houses abundant places with the finest nocturnal entertainment. If you are all for some ‘wild and electrifying’ environment, this is just the perfect place for you. There are numerous rooms and each room is different to the other. The bars are extremely bizarre and each one is a must-see.
To enjoy something more refreshing and soothing, La Lonja is the place to sip drinks, enjoy live concerts and soak up the artistic view of the city. This place is mostly loved by those who are particularly low on their budget. Few popular bars are Bluesville, Jazz Voyeur and Abacanto. Even with popular beach holidays to Majorca, you will not restrain yourself from clubbing all night.


As you check out several options on your Majorca holidays, you cannot ignore Magaluf, the stylish tourist area and an amazing resort that believes in partying till dawn. This area contains a large number of bars and clubs. BCM Planet Dance is considered among the best places in Magaluf and also the largest in the area. The club itself holds approximately 6,000 within the two levels the place has.
You really need to see the world’s best speakers, 3D laser shows and world renowned DJ’s. Prepare yourself for endless wild moments such as popcorn parties, foam parties, rain dance and other special celebrations. Few other beloved places include Coco Bongo, Banana’s, Tokio Joe’s and Carwash Nightclub.

C’an Pastilla

The south coast region of Majorca is home to another nightlife beast, a resort on the El Ancla Island. This dimly lit club is designed in a Moroccan style, and it is highly popular with tourists. To enjoy comfortable seating, unique cocktails and Shisha pipes, the C’an Pastilla is a gigantic club, which is also ranked as the best resort in the town.
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