Top Places to Visit Before Your Kid Turns Ten

Busy parents relax because time flies off fast and if you‘re family person with kids then they will soon grow into independent individuals. Therefore, while your kids are still clinging into your arms take out some time to plan a trip before they become old enough to take holidays on their own:

Visit Ancestral Home

Most families have their ancestral homes but still they rarely visit it with kids either due to work or other commitments. Forget the conveniences of city life and go on a long trip to your parents’ home. Kids are sure to love this because countryside life is different from the hustle-bustle of city. A child should know about his grandparents and the roots he or she belongs to. Whether you travel to a distant state, or cross an ocean or a territory to visit your ancestral home, you’ll never forget that ‘wow I’m here’ feeling.

Holidays at Disneyland

The Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and once in a lifetime you should visit this place with your kids. The attention to detail, the magic and the ambience is sure to stay in the memory of your child for years to come. Only few things to keep in mind about a trip to Disney are that at Walt Disney or other international versions, you’ll not be able to see and do all things.

Singapore for Kids

Singapore is a kid-friendly destination because it is the cleanest, safest and the best navigable cities of the world. It has abundance of water parks, animals, playgrounds and museums to keep your kids entertained. Make sure you visit the Singapore Zoo which is situated in a tropical wild forest and, has the yummiest breakfast along with a wildlife entertaining program. Other places to visit are the Science Centre, the Wild Wild Wet Park and the West Coast Park.

Have Fun at the Beach

Every family needs to go on a beach holiday whether it’s an annual excursion to your favourite destination or a pursuit to find a place to have a good time with your kid. There are different kinds of beach vacations and some of the best family-friendly holidays include an array of activities like nature hunts, kids programs, best waterslide or all-inclusive getaways.

Family Holidays in Italy

Italy is a warm and a welcoming destination; this is a country of vibrant coastline, mountains and lip smacking cuisines. It is best for kid-friendly holidays when you have little travellers as there are pools perfect for splashing around and food choices for picky eaters. If you are looking for a family-friendly holiday then Italy is sure not to disappoint you with an array of family-friendly resorts and halcyon sand beaches.

A Forest Reserve

This is best for kids that live in cities, they should spend a couple of days in a forest reserve bordered by nature and animals. Kids will get to know about ecology, biodiversity and various types of cuisines which are much better than learning from books and educational DVDs.

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