Top Seven Reasons to Visit Europe before summers

Are you still dreaming about taking a tour to Europe before summers that you promised to your kids last year? Well stop dreaming and start planning because right from culture, fabulous history, outstanding nightlife, picturesque village, charming atmosphere and mouth watering food, Europe has it all.
Take your own time and do not do things hurriedly because European holidays are tempting and when you plan your holidays, you try to do everything to fit every single highlight in its whirlwind tour which is perhaps the most diverse continent on Earth.
Eat pasta in Rome, smoke a joint in Amsterdam, stand on the top of Eiffel Tower and party hard in Dubrovnik. You can’t do all at a time unless you got years up your sleeve, therefore start planning your trip this New Year. Here are some top reasons to visit Europe in 2014:

The Art in Amsterdam

Instead of getting distracted by the nightlife of Amsterdam, it is better to set aside a little time to visit the iconic museums which the city has to offer like the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum or the Rembrandt House Museum.

Eastern Europe is Still Affordable

Moscow is still the world’s most expensive cities in the past few years in row but most of Eastern Europe is relatively cheaper. Though the rock-bottom prices of 90’s still gone but still you can eat, drink, stay, shop and be entertained for much lesser price than in Western Europe.

The Wine of France

When it comes to wine in France, the Localvore movement has been flourishing since the Middle Ages and many French residents take pride in their local varietal. Whenever possible try the local wine and fortunately when you are traveling in France make sure you taste the regional ‘vin’ whenever you happen to be there.

The Beaches of Europe

Right from secret coves, dramatic coasts, glamorous beach parties to idyllic golden expanses, Europe has it all!

Vintage Beauty of Venice

You’ll be simply in love with the sophisticated and erotic atmosphere of Venice which cannot be compared to anything else.

The Live Music of Ireland

You should try a Guinness while digging into the Emerald Isle, so try to plan a night out in the town to coincide with the traditional music night. In this way you can share a pint and shake a leg with locals.

Beautiful Souvenirs

One of the best reasons to travel to Europe is that you can buy some great stuff which comprises of precious and semi-precious stones, toys, crafts, textiles, baskets, fine Ukrainian embroidery, traditional hats, military memorabilia along with traditional food and drink filled in your suitcase.
The best thing about travelling to Europe is that you make new discoveries, come across towns and villages that leave a lasting impression. Therefore go and visit Europe because it is unique, beautiful and welcoming.
Europe is incredibly diverse because the continent is filled bucket-list of postcard locations that it’s impossible to visit all. Even if you attempt to do so, you’ll spend more time on buses, planes, trains than places of interest. It is always better to make a list of best places in Europe to cherish your holidays forever.

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