Top Seven Unavoidable Mediterranean Cities

What comes to your mind when you think of a Mediterranean holiday? Believe it or not, for most people, the Mediterranean is the first choice while planning a holiday, and for justified reasons – golden powdered beaches, sizzling sunshine and a whole lot of amazing cities with stylist resorts dotting the area. Well, it’s no doubt, the ultimate summer destination.

However, there are numerous sun-kissed beach lands to explore, but here are the irresistible 7 that you cannot miss.

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Crammed into a tiny area, this amazing Mediterranean region of France has several interesting towns and cities that one can explore. The Carcassonne city, on the other hand is a fortified fairy-land with an impressive picturesque. Well, what’s more to these towns? Languedoc-Roussillon also possesses the world’s largest wine region.

Cadiz, Spain

Often ignored by the people, Cadiz is the most beautiful city in Andalucía. You can leisure out in its main beach as well as soak up the dramatic views of the vivid buildings and massive dome cathedral. Sample some tapas seafood and learn the intriguing history.

Cinque Terre, Italy

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The land of ‘five villages’ drops out into the Mediterranean from the rugged cliffs. If you fancy Italian food, pebbled beaches, you will be more than happy to meander around these villages.

Majorca, Spain

Wow, the Balearics have always been an all-time favourite for visitors seeking some amazing summer sunshine because of the shoreline. There are massive extended beaches and beach resorts, ancient fishing villages, rolling vineyards, serene countryside and endless treasures of the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


The city of walls is an amalgamation of ancient architecture and marbled streets. There are several impressive beaches and islands that crave to be explored. If you desire to venture outside the city walls, you can also get a ride on the cable car up the glorious mountains and marvel at the eclectic blue waters and the amazing scenery.

The Algarve, Portugal

With 300 days of glittering sunshine, mouth-watering food, glamorous beaches and jagged rocks, it might seem to be a place where our grandfathers and uncles escape into for a great game of golf. Don’t forget to rent a car and explore many white-washed charming villages and fishing towns.

Adriatic Coast – Montenegro

The beaches of Montenegro are one of the fastest budding travel destinations in Europe. Explore the walled city of Kotor or ascend to the nearby enrichment for astonishing views of the town and marina. Alternatively, go further along the shoreline and squander a day at the beach appreciating the stunning Sveti Stefan, a former fishing village that has been transformed into an opulent resort.

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