Top Six Destinations of Europe for an Enthralling New Years Eve

As holiday season culminates and Christmas lights begun to fade people begin to look back the past year with a sullen heart, but do not worry because the clock is still ticking for the final bash to welcome 2014 so, party hard this year and drink away your regrets done in 2013.
With New Year just knocking at your door, it’s time to make a New Year resolution and have a blast. Right from riotous street parties, firework extravaganzas to torch processions and marching bands, here are some awesome New Year’s Eve destinations in Europe.


To start with, watch the famous and legendary firework of London Eye in this wintry capital. Be a part of the magnificent show of pyrotechnics and lights along the River Thames as the Big Ben strikes midnight with rest of the thong. The fireworks on New Year’s Eve in London are one-of-its-kind in the entire globe where tourists from all over the word flock to witness it. With flights to Europe you could also be a part of grand New Year’s Day parade.


This is another sought after destination in Europe where people look forward to celebrate their New Year. It is known as Silvester by the Germans and celebrations in this part of Europe is simply ravishing.
The spotlight is on Brandenburg Goe where the festivities manage to intrigue and impress oodles of visitors from all over the world. Places like the Oberbaumbrucke Bridge and the Berghain and the Panorma Bar are some of the best options to welcome 2014 with a bang.


NYE or Szilveszter is the time when travel bugs come to the street in style and gather in the main squares to enjoy spectacular fireworks at midnight. People start preparing for party several weeks before as Hungarians are party lovers they look for an occasion to eat and drink well. The last day of year calls for a reason to party hard.


 New Year celebrations in Amsterdam are unique in its own way with fireworks, champagne and Oliebollen which are the classical balls of dough and deep fried with an icing of sugar. The entire New Year buzz centers on Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and Museumplein, therefore enjoy your New Year celebrations in Amsterdam Netherlands.


San Silvestro which is the other name for New Year’s Eve in Rome is celebrated with vast majority of Roman population that flock to the Pizza del Popolo in order to get bewitched by NYE fireworks and melodious music. Rome appeals to those who want to spend a quiet New Year with family. To experience authentic Italian celebrations try this destination in Europe.


This is considered to be one of the erudite places in Europe because New Year’s Eve is centered on an awesome tour along with banquet and music at Schloss Schonbrunn. Among the ancient cities of Europe Vienna is simply breathtaking to enjoy your winter holidays and celebrate New Year away from the maddening crowd. The party atmosphere gives you an opportunity to enjoy classics as well as Mozzart and Strauss that rule the music scene.
If you planning to visit Europe and spend your New Year’s Eve 2013 then book early flights to avoid last minute dashing hopes. Enjoy an enthralling New Year Holiday in Europe!

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