Top Six Dream Pick Destinations

Have you ever fantasized about visiting a place then take look at most idyllic destinations of the world right from lush hills of New Zealand to the coral beaches of the Maldives where you cannot help falling in love again.
Make sure you do not get restricted by reality like push safety, money, politics and other factors that take away your mind.


Malaysia is almost like two countries tucked in half by the South China Sea. This country flaunts a multicultural persona influenced by Indian, Chinese and Malay. The still waters of Malaysia offer a direct opposition to other Asian beach getaways. Only few travelers must have heard about Langkawi which is a cool jungle landscape off the Malay Peninsula’s northwest coach where serenity is only broken by the crash of waves. Many of its country’s national park offer breathtaking opportunities for magnificent whitewater rafting with exclusive Sipadan dive site which is the best among the world.


It is known for highest concentration of glamorous hotels on earth and wide stretches of white sand beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops. This island nation is worth exploring with number of Indian temples, botanical gardens, colonial houses and opportunities to spot rare birds that soar among the ebony trees, walk with the lions and swim with dolphins. Luxury is simply affordable because Mauritius offers some of the best deals in the region.

South Africa

A holiday to South Africa is simply unforgettable due to its breathtaking diverse landscape and visitor experiences. First time visitors make a beeline to some of the well-known places of the world like the Garden Route, Kruger National Park and the Cape. This amazing destination rewards you longer than usual stay giving you an opportunity to enjoy some offbeat places of attraction like scenes and battles of KwaZulu Natal and charming blend of cultures in Gauteng.


Tibet is known as the roof of the world and for centuries this mysterious Buddhist kingdom is interlocked away in its mountain fastness of the Himalaya. For explorers, traders and imperialists it was a forbidden land of treasures and wealth. It is haunted the imagination of travelers for centuries and its very remoteness, inaccessibility and mystery attracts tourists from all over the world. This country is truly a land of vast landscapes, glittering peaks, densely forested gorges, brilliant skies and little modern development. It would not be wrong to say that Tibet still evokes the images of lost Shangri La.


This is a great place to visit whether you are a resident or a tourist because the country retains its boundless capacity to surprise, excite and charm. It always had a history to be proud of with glorious regional diversity right from coast to the hills and festivals to foodstuff along with few parallels. In recent times, this destination in Europe had an injection of life which makes it one of the dream places to visit. It offers so much right from preferred city breaks to shopping sprees in Leeds and Bristol which was unimaginable before.

New Zealand

It can be divided into two: the North Island and the South Island, New Zealand boasts of diverse landscapes right from snow capped mountains to pristine sandy beaches and placid lakes to thrilling rapids. Whether you want a romantic carefree honeymoon or an adrenaline pumping adventure trip, a holiday to New Zealand has it all which is perfect for everyone. Just enjoy long drives across the winding roads, engage in natural spa therapies, shop in for Maori artifacts or try bungee jumping and sky diving.
Let us face it that some of us do have some dream picks in mind and would like to visit before it’s late so, just follow your heart, take a deep breath and plan your trip right away.

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