Top Ten Bachelorette Party Towns for Women

The guys have had their time, now it’s time for the revelry with gals. The bride-to-be generally partakes in this traditional fun and it’s always exciting to get together with your girl friends and spend quality time.
I know some of you girls are already ready to travel so count these amazing bachelorette party destinations in and enjoy your last days of being single.

Washington DC

Other than shopping, all the best things in DC are free – museums, art galleries, botanical gardens etc. You can hit a bar during happy hours. Madam’s Organ and Jam Cellar are the perfect place to swing, dance and gulp some drinks down.

New York

Whatever budget you carry for NYC, the city is still amazing. Your wallet might not be able to meet all your dreams, but still ‘it’s good to be in the Big Apple. Apartments are usually cheaper than hotels and your bachelorette group picnic can turn out to be ravishing in the Central Park.

Miami, FL

At Miami, you can be anywhere and be seen while having a ball at your party. But still, the best place to be is South Beach, Lincoln Beach, Ocean Drive and Miami Beach Broadwalk. These places are meant to watch people and the skyline of the city that acts as the backbone. Visit boutiques, markets and pubs to make your dreams come true.

San Francisco

There are several choices to enjoy San Francisco’s Golden Gate, enjoy heavenly walks at the North Beach or form a Women’s Biker gang and ride around the city. When darkness creeps in, head towards AsiaSF, and lodge in with $15 package per person.

National Parks

National parks offer the best escapade, whether it’s Yellowstone or Great Smoky. Imagine the spa for a refreshing hot spring and feel liberty being infused before the big day.

Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport has some stunning beaches with stunning prices, though Nassau may get all the glory. At Freeport, you girls can get free sun and sand and carry on towards Port Lucaya marketplace for some music. We recommend you to try Wednesday’s night fish fry for the best drinks, munchies and dancing.


There’s nothing quite like than being in the Irish countryside rejuvenating your senses after partying hard at the Temple Bar in Dublin. You just have to hire a charm which is pretty cheap, and head towards the primitive town of Kilkenny. It’s a pretty town for a late afternoon tea and shopping.

Portland, ME

Active and adventurous bachelorettes can bring on their kayaks before hitting the shores. A hearty dinner at one of the bistros in Munjoy Hill can enliven your senses. Look out for any BBQ’s or pubs near the downtown area to make your trip exciting.

Quebec City

At Quebec, you won’t lack adorable bistros, shopping boutiques and the old world charm. To grab best deals, reserve your hotel outside the city walls.


You girls would love it out here. Put on your dancing shoes and head to the city where live music starts midday and goes on all night. Find yourself at 12th South neighbourhood for affordable and funky cafes, bars, boutiques and restaurants.

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