Top Ten Creepy Places in the World

Haven’t childhood memories of ghost stories and haunted places made our hearts race and experience goosebumps while watching a horror movie? Well, as we grew, these feelings may have faded out but there are indisputable facts that creepy places and tales behind them are actually factual.
The planet has places that are abandoned, and till today, they lie isolated, infamous and creepy as hell. Doesn’t matter if you are a believer in haunted and creepy places, these places are real and scary. Check them out!

Helltown, Ohio

Helltown is a huge piece of land purchased by the government in order to create a park. Till now the land remains isolated with a local cemetery and crumbling homes. It is known as Ohio’s most creepy and isolated town with spine-chilling tales of the haunting.

Leap Castle, Ireland

This castle was erected somewhere around 13th and 14th century and while renovation, a secret cell was discovered and in that cell was a chest full of human remains. Pretty creepy, don’t you think so?

Islands of the Dolls, Mexico

After a dead girl’s body was found in a canal in Mexico, someone decided to grace the island with dolls, as a memorable tribute.

British Sea Forts, North Sea

These forts were built during World War II but now, the purpose has faded out. Being abandoned for years, the long-lost memories and marks of war are rotting away in those walls.

Haunted Subway in Cincinnati, Ohio

Once, long back, Cincinnati was aggressively becoming populated that the necessity of a subway system sprung up. It seemed the city wasn’t prepared to pay and remained unfinished. Today, the subway remains as creepy as one can imagine.

The Domes, Arizona

These intriguing domes in the Arizona Desert pop up the question as to who built them and where they came from. But there’s no clue till now as to why they have been left out in the hot sun.

Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa

A merciless murder took place in this house in June of 1912. A couple and their six children were killed by someone with as axe. Till today the killer and the motive remains unknown.

Scott’s Haunted Hut in Antarctica

This hut was built by Robert Scott and his team in 1911. Another team of explorers killed them but the hut was preserved.

Cannibal Grave in Germany

This grave is said to comprise of 500 bodies that were cut, cooked and eaten 1000s of years ago. This can be tagged as the creepiest thing ever.

Chernobyl Amusement Park, Ukraine

This town was once a thriving city until the nuclear power plant exploded causing people to depart and leave the place deserted. Many faced health disorders and death. The town, till this day remains desolate.

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