Top Ten Creepy Places on the Planet Part 2

We come back with the next set of Creepy Places on the Planet. So where do we start? We have shared the scarier ones with you, but, who knows, these can be scariest.

Pegasus Plane Remains in Antarctica

This is usually creepy as this place experienced a crash in 1970 due to hostile weather conditions though no one was injured or killed.

Beelitz Military Hospital in Germany

It is said that Adolf Hitler was brought in for treatment but today the hospital sits abandoned.

An Abandoned Laboratory in Russia

Few explorers found a Soviet lab in Moscow in which some experiments were left half way.

Aokigahara Forest in Japan

This site may not attract tourists, but people finding ways to commit suicide by hanging. The issue is quite apparent that the Japanese government has installed signs as a warning to people to refrain from such an act and to reconsider instead.

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland

Around 600+ people have plunged off this bridge, taking their own life. The strange part is every year 15 dogs jump from the bridge. Quite eerie!

Muynak Uzbekistan

After the water of this lake got diverted and dried in the Soviet Union, the area became a graveyard of ships.

Candido Godoi, Brazil

Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor fled to Brazil as soon as WWII ended. Someone prophesised on him that he has a blessing for twins. Strangely, this town now produces 18 times the amount of twins compared to anywhere on the planet.

The Moscow Metro-2 in Russia

This metro system was brought up for government officials and led to many other destinations. Today, it lies incredibly isolated and creepy.

Bird Suicide Grounds in Jatinga, India

No doubt, this place is scenic and attractive. Let this place not baffle you. If you’re visiting Jatinga Valley during September and October, you will encounter several birds inviting death upon themselves, that too, between 7pm and 10pm.

Griffith Park Zoo in Los Angeles, California

After being left deserted by Los Angeles City, this old zoo has earned tales about frights in the night. So much so, this last June a classic horror campout was held here. It’s nothing but fun and games until the real ghosts turn up!

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