Top Ten Holiday Arguments between Couples

Finally your dream holiday is around the corner for which you have been counting days and spending sleepless nights. Must be excited! But a dream holiday can pretty soon turn into a nightmare. From things to pack, misplaced tickets to girls on the beach, there can be endless arguments that can give the perfect irritation of ruining a holiday. Well, here are 10 of the most common, yet heated arguments a couple can have.

Leaving for the airport

Being at the airport at the correct time is pretty much important as packing your shoes or tooth brush. The word is ‘Punctuality’! The most logical act would be to reach the airport at least three hours before the take-off time to avoid road blocks, traffic and give time for the airport security check-up. The argument can get heated up when one hates standing in the queue and snore for a few minutes more. There goes the alarm clock again and someone hits the snooze button.
That’s too much packing
Hey! It must weigh at least 40 kgs! Truly, packing can be baffling and irritating. The lady needs to pack her 6 pairs of shoes. The vacation maybe a week long, but yes, they need to look their best. Well, the guy needs to sit on the suitcase and help her close it. Phew!!!
Now where do I turn?
The man in this case, has the motive of trusting his guts if the woman is in charge of the GPS or Navigator. The man knows the way, but somehow he drives straight instead of paying heed to his woman. Finally he admits, he’s lost and the fault falls on the partners lap.

The Passports – where are they?

You’re at the airport right in time, but wait, where are the passports! Nothing else causes a heated argument when you think you’ve left them home. The couple tries to recall who saw them and packed them last. You had them, no you had them! Madly you start searching your handbag and pockets. The woman says, it’s in your coat pocket! Oh yes! Well, aren’t they good at remembering things?

Staring at the ‘other’ woman

Aha, the sunglasses! It’s a good protection from the sun and a cover-up to stare at a sexy topless woman at the beach. Well, your partner can still tell you where you are looking by the expression on your face. Well, be careful of you can bring hell into paradise.

Sunscreen not for me

Well, Mr. Macho Man, you too can get a sunstroke and sunburn if you don’t use  what your partner carries – a sunscreen lotion. Well, not only your wife/girlfriend, the travelling rule is, carry a sunscreen lotion. It’s not clever to leave it at home. It will ruin your trip man and will have to spend a day or two in bed.

Drinking habit and long sleep hours

‘Honey you go to the room, I’ll be back soon’, says the guy, and he’s off to the hotel pub or nearby bar till 3am. Shots after shots! That will not impress your dear lady. The next day is going to be hard – it’s hangover or holiday over! Better avoid the friction.

Is your lady flirting with the waiter?

Here you are with the woman of your dream, in a restaurant, relishing in the most delicious meal, but wait a minute, there is a serious issue – the seedy waiter is giving too much attention to her, caressing her hand, bowing to please her. You want her to ignore him, but she loves every moment of it. Now what to do? Your first starter is still half way in your mouth.

After effects of risky food

Picture your food on the table, the woman tries to figure out if all is fresh or not, the man doesn’t wait for any comments or verdict. He dives into it and faces some dire consequences of an upset stomach or food poisoning the next day. He looks for medicines and sympathy while the woman keeps on pointing at his stupidity. Ha!

Parking plus Shopping

Oh ladies just love to shop! It’s their kind of lovable nature, but we men – Are you done honey! Oh no, not again! Nah, that pair of jeans doesn’t suit you! High heels, Oh my God! – that our statement before we get the credit card statement in our hand and when all is done, who’s got the car keys and where the hell is it parked? There you go, the thread to start it all over again and blame the lady for spending ages at the market place. Gosh! Who invented all those cosmetics and apparels? Phew!!!
But all such arguments do end on a sweet note, when one understands with a smile and a tight hug!

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