Top Ten Magical and Gripping Forests Part One

How do you identify forests these days, when there is so much of deforestation and wild forest fires? Most people connect forests with trees, but the thought of forests reaches to a much deeper perception that comprises of numerous rare species that call forest their home.
Apart from the tall trees grappling with each other the ecosystem reaches out to insects, animals, fungi and bacteria.
Much of the earth still possesses tranquil and gigantic forests that when you step in, fresh air fills your lungs. The forests suddenly come alive at the sound of a stranger entering it.
You’ll discover new things, inhale a new air, be in close contact with nature and come to terms with something that the world lacks – peace. Enter into the world of such serenity that will make you escape the world of technology.

North Sentinel Island Forest, Andaman Belt

Situated in the Andaman belt of the Bay of Bengal, this unique island forest is full of coral reefs and covered with old grown trees. The island forest is also home to the Neolithic tribe known as Sentinelese.
These tribes stay away from any contact with the outside world and have known to kill two men who were illegally hunting for mud crabs.
The Sentinelese are mainly a hunters group that maintain their living from fishing, hunting and obtaining rare wild plants. The 10-metre accuracy throw of flatbow and javelins do send out a warning shot to intruders. Their food includes fruits, coconut and other wild games.

Crooked Forest, Poland

The uniquely shaped pine trees located at the outskirts of Nowe Czarnowo, Poland was thought these trees were formed with a human tool, but the reason for such growth remains unknown.
The forest contains around 400 pine trees, all of which are bent at 90 degrees at the base. These trees have grown for seven years before they took this shape. Till today, it remains a bizarre case that remains unexplained.

Red Forest, Ukraine

The Red Forest, also known as, the Wormwood Forest came to be a special one after the Chernobyl Nuclear accident on April 26, 1986. The Wormwood Forest turned brown and rotted away. Today, the Red Forest is one of the most contaminated places on the face of the earth.
The scientists got the opportunity to completely understand the happenings of the natural environment from time to time. With something remarkable, the flora and fauna, along with the wildlife, has seen drastic changes of flourishing and surviving. Birds are nesting as well as wild species of animals have found their home among the dead area. There is something unique and unexplained here!

Sea of Trees, Japan

Let’s start of this way; the Sea of Trees is famous for two things – a captivating view of Mt. Fuji and numerous suicides. Yes, suicides!
This forest is located at the base of the glorious Mt. Fujiyama, containing several gigantic trees and hidden caverns. Being dark and thick, a collection of sunbeams are the only source of light available.
The suicide rate has caused a panic and offers warning signs to visitors to keep a watch on their actions and motives. Legends say that leaving an elderly relative to die in this isolated area was widely practiced.

Chestnut Hills, West Salem, Wisconsin

Don’t panic, it’s nothing as the movie, ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. These hills bear the name and fame due to a disease that struck America around 1900 through the trading of chestnut trees or chestnut lumber. These hefty trees grow as tall as 200 feet, with a 14 feet trunk and lovely flowers on it.
The largest remaining forest is named as Chestnut Hills, with approximately 2500 chestnut trees without any traces of the disease.

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