Top Travel Destinations for the Heart Broken

How do you cope up with a broken heart? Hope you don’t dig into frozen food, gulp down hard drinks or sit out on your balcony listening to sad songs! Sometimes you need to shift your focus and see beyond the huge mountain and try and get to the other side. It can be truly painful even to move an inch, but a vacation to an unfamiliar place can often provide rejuvenation to get back your broken pieces.
Well, cities like Paris, Venice, Zurich or the Caribbean can be highly romantic. Well, a person carrying a hurt needs to sit, relax and much on cookies at the road side and of course, find a new love interest that might pop up at another table. The list below is such places to be:

Museum of Broken Relationships – Croatia

Situated in the capital city of Croatia, this museum displays a collection of artefacts that are contributed by bitter heart-broken lovers. The question is what can be done with gifts that are bestowed by your ex-boyfriend or ex-girl-friend? The answer is the Museum of Broken Relationships. This is an ideal destination to turn heartaches into assurances.

Juliet’s Wall – Italy

What if you get to pen down your feelings, feelings that can’t be shared but you want it to let out? Everyday people from all over the world visit this residence to mail letters to Juliet. The tale of an ill-fated love lingers around that site and people visiting the place can very well relate to that suffering.


Something lurks beside the adventurous canal rides and the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This city is also home to a famous painter who presented pieces of his ear to a prostitute. This is makes it possible for those whose hearts are bleeding, to present something more authentic and stronger.

Cruise for Singles – Mexico

A singles cruise is a good option for those who embrace the theory that the best way to get over an old relationship is to dive headfirst into a new one.  Though the only thing you may leave the cruise with is sunburn, there is always the chance that you’ll meet that special someone in the process.  At the very least, you’ll get to spend a week sailing along the Mexican Riviera and partying with people that are in the same boat as you are.

Dolphin Therapy – Bali

This therapy is prevalent actually for the broken hearts since it is said that a daily interaction with animals and mammals reduces stress and pushes every kind of depression. Therefore, visitors at this resort can visit a wildlife park, go horse riding at the beach and even attend a horse therapy lesson. It may not remove every kind of bitterness, but it might be well worth a try.

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