Top US Cities to Look Out For A Visit

Choosing a city in the US for your holiday can be tremendously baffling. It is said, that when you book flights to United States and travel inside the US, the scenery and the topography changes after every 3-5 miles, offering newer sights and culture. Hence, each city is a class in its own way.

Well, it’s quite confounding to segregate which US cities are truly worth visiting. Well, you could go through the latest survey that has made inbound tourism to flourish in a massive way. As you read below, you will be able to get an idea of the top outstanding cities for visitation. Let’s begin with #1…

New York…the Big Apple

With every year that goes by, New York once again receives more overseas travellers with cheap flights to United States, than any other city. More than 15 million visitors or 40 percent of all international visitors to the US flock into New York. It’s not only the city’s attractions, but New York’s enchanting number of tourists speak volumes about the awe-inspiring effect to allure visitors from all over. The towering skyscrapers, the energetic life, buzzing yellow cabs and state-of-the-art attractions, till now have never failed to startle the world.

Florida…the Sunshine State

Rightly placed after New York, Florida rubs shoulders with New York in being the ‘Fun & Sunshine Capital’ of the world. Every year Florida is flooded with approximately 7.5 million visitors, drawing people to the sheer attractions that are speckled all over the state. Whether its nightclubs, amusement parks, Disney World or exploring the scenic Key West, you are never short of amazing things to see, do and explore with London to US flights.

California…the Golden State

Who doesn’t love and know about the stunning coastal state of California? This is the only state to experience an explosion of more than 6 million international visitors swarming in. Combining the arrival of tourists of 3 major states, California alone sees 75% of foreign visitors visiting the USA. So, what is the reason of such a tourist spectacle? It’s just because of three reasons – fabulous beaches abide in California, the state being amazingly air-linked with Asia, UK and Europe, and thirdly, it hosts amazing national parks and cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hawaii…Pacific’s Paradise

Hawaii is lovingly famed as the ‘Pineapple State’ or the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’. Keeping in mind the overall topography and the scenic beauty that encompasses this tropical heaven, Hawaii boasts in a mass influx of tourists more than Florida and California. The beaches are purely exotic and seductive, facing the grand and glorious Pacific Ocean. The destination mainly caters to Asian, European and British tourists largely, who love to flock in with flights from UK to US.

Nevada…the Snow-covered Silver State

Nestled amidst the vast desert expanse and among the rugged Nevada hills, visitors to Nevada also visit Las Vegas, that needs no introduction. With 3 million visitors like drop in the bucket, Nevada is a state that is larger-than-life. Once overseas tourists flock into Las Vegas with flights to the United States, they will enjoy every bit of the Las Vega Strip and the glamorous treasures of the city.

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