Top Valued European Destinations for 2014

January is the time when people start looking for cheap getaways because fortunately weather is pleasing at most places around the globe, but this is not the case in Europe because the first month of the year is a time for sale-shopping.
There can be risks of bad-weather which means that holiday breaks around the continent is restricted to winter escapes.
Europe is the world’s most iconic sights known for offering world-famous cuisines and best museums that make it an attractive and exciting destination.
Though overpriced hotels, outrageous entry fees and eye-waterly priced restaurants in several parts of the continent can make travel feel less than a bargain. Therefore take a look at these best value destinations in Europe whether you’re looking for a city break or extreme sports adventure in 2014.

Greek Islands

It is worth noting that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is same as ‘opportunity’. While the economic miseries for Greece might continue but there’s never better time to visit the island with perceived instability that deter regular visitors.
As a result the normally packed beaches will be less crowded this season and more welcoming than ever. These destinations are likely to be far cheaper if you make plans to travel in off season. Some of the favorite spots are Kefallonia, Ikaria, Santorini and Hydra.


In a charming and hilly Portuguese capital of Lisbon there are lots of things to see: these are delicious coffee or pastel de nata (traditional custard tart) in the sun that tends to costs less than an euro.
You can eat well and ride down the rickety but romantic network of old trams for same kind of bargain prices. Make sure you visit the free museums like the contemporary collection of the Museu Coleccao Berardo which is sure to make your trip enjoyable. There are beaches to the south of the city to enjoy a day’s trip if you are tired of city’s urban pursuits.


Krakow is among those few cities which you need to explore before its true charm becomes evident. This city is known for its rich history, vibrant nightlife and reputation for being the cultural capital of Poland.
It is one of the best destinations for anyone looking for something different than usual holidays. Tourists are captivated by its magical atmosphere and breathtaking architecture; here you can see medieval cathedrals, Baroque church, the Art Nouveau theatre and the Renaissance castle.

Albanian Riviera

Undeveloped, unsung and eminently affordable, the Albanian Riviera has all natural attractions of its Croatian counterpart further north without the crowds and considerable experience. Getting to the Mediterranean beaches can be a mission itself in Europe.
Even Albania’s loanian coastline has become pricey and crowded in parts, as new roads and hotels have been constructed along what is known as the most beautiful coastline of Europe.


Over the past few years Iceland has truly become a budget destination due to bad economy and a currency devaluation that has suddenly made once it’s outrageous prices far more reasonable. This makes a superb time to discover the North Atlantic Island where geysers, glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs make it one of the most exciting landscapes.
According to experts when times are tight you should not travel less but carefully check where to head for? In this way you can keep your wallet happy and come back home with memories to cherish forever.

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