Top Vegan Destinations in Europe for 2014

Are you a vegan and often look for meat-free restaurants while holidaying? There are few restaurants with least vegetarian options which can be a real treat but, the vegetarian scene is finally kicking off in Europe with number of restaurants offering pure vegan menu so, make sure you can check them out for easy and tasty experience in 2014

Berlin, Germany

German food is among the most-obsessed cuisines in the world but Berlin is not like the rest of Germany because a complete vegan restaurant in Berlin comprises of pizza, daily specials, risotto, soups or seitan. Vego Foodworld offers an array of vegan sausages and Café Morgenrot popular for its vegan brunch.
The restaurants have cozy chairs with conveniently no smoking zone that make it a nice place to hang out even after finishing your meal. There are even vegan supermarkets where you can literally buy anything including your monthly grocery shopping.

Prague, Czech Republic

Traditional Czech cuisine is vegetarian friendly because Prague is a hidden vegan gem and its restaurants are among the best in the world. It has everything starting from fancy to buffet style restaurants.
Prague is affordable and some of its favorite includes Maitrea popular for traditional Czech food, Clear Head-cozy and beautiful, Dhaba Beas known for a huge buffet and Balarama that offers massive plate of vegetarian food for only 4.5 USD. It would truly impossible to go hungry in this city.

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is often overlooked by travel bugs that come to Belgium but not many are aware that it is known for its beautiful architecture, awesome food and lively atmosphere. This city is trying hard to be on the map for being the food city of Belgium so far that they have introduced Thursday as vegetarian day on which all restaurants serve atleast one vegetarian dish. Vegan friendly restaurants are marked on tourist maps with open hours mentioned.

London, UK

Food scene in London is quite interesting and people from diverse region come to this place to enjoy its English cuisine. Just name any food and you are sure to find in a restaurant specializing in it in London, Definitely vegan meal is no exception because there is something within budget in this cosmopolitan city including place that serve vegan high tea.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm restaurants are among the best vegetarian restaurants in Europe because this city offers a number of vegan options and cakes. Hermans is another popular place known for its delicious and huge buffet that is served on daily basis.
The lunch and dinner buffet are completely different and always have a theme that changes every day. There are other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city starting from Indian to Middle East cuisine to good old Swedish ‘husmanskost’.

Florence, Italy

Being vegan in Italy is not that difficult because Italy is famous for pizza and pasta varieties. They are more than happy to adapt a meal slightly as everything is fresh and made with authentic ingredients. Make sure you visit Vegetariano that offers daily menu options along with a cozy atmosphere.
These European destinations conjure up images of decadence and extravagance as the characteristics have seeped into all aspects of its culture especially its cuisine. If you are complete vegan then visit these places and meat-free food that are delicious, thought-provoking and innovative.

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