Top Wacky Festivals Around the World

Festivals speak a lot about local traditions and who doesn’t like to be a part of celebrations that are accompanied by the magical music, the vibrancy, the enthusiasm, the colour and, the fierce dance. Check out some wacky festivals around the world that are celebrated with a whole new set of beliefs.

The Monkey Buffet Festival

The Annual Monkey Buffet Festival is celebrated annually in Lopburi Province of Thailand where locals chimps feast on lavish spread of fruits, vegetables and drinks at the Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple. This is no monkey business because this event was started to promote tourism in the area and this seems to be working as tourists flock to witness this gala festival.

The Baby-jumping Ceremony

Castrillo de Murcia located in the north of Spain is known for its unusual festivals. According to the tradition parents put their one-year old babies on a carpet at the Central Square of a small village and a man dressed in red and yellow costume jumps over babies placed in the mattress. It is none other than the festival of Corpus Christi in which the babies are protected from demonic spirits. It is a quite a deadly and an unique festival.

The Lemon Festival

Every year the city of Menton in the Alpes-Maritime celebrates the Lemon Festival which is also known as the Fete du Citron. It is a unique event in the world exhibiting giant designs made out exclusively of citrus fruits majorly with lemons and oranges too. Various sculptures of citrus are erected every year. The La Tomatino Festival in Spain is sure to draw envious spectators this festival.

Air Guitar World Championship

It is a Finnish Festival which is more about dance than music. Every year thousands of music aspirants especially air guitarist from all over the world are invited to perform a short solo piece of music holding an imaginary instrument. They are judged on the basis of their on-stage performance which is measures on the ability to pull the crowd and are technically proficient. The aim of the festival is to promote world peace.

The Mud Carnival

Paraty is one of the traditional colonial towns of Brazil where a bizarre carnival is celebrated every year. This is the mud carnival in which the participants parade
throughout the streets in thick, dark and stick layers of mud. The residents of this town dress up as primitive cave men and cave women then cover themselves with mud. This sulphurous mud is believed to make skin healthy and lovely.

The Running of the Bulls

This is a time-honoured Spanish festival which is celebrated by locals to raise their adrenaline levels by running in front of bulls that have been let loose to run in the narrow cobblestone streets of Pamplona, Spain. It is a week-long annual festival which was started in remembrance of St. Fermin-the patron saint of small city. Presently, the festival allures numerous tourists from around the world.

The Songkran Water Festival

This is a massively popular festival of Thailand which is observed to celebrate the Thai New Year. The splashing of water is one of best highlights of this festival. Armed with water guns, travellers come to Thailand over the weekend to celebrate the most trendy festival in the country.

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