Train Journeys To Die For across the World Part Two

We bring to you the next 5 Train Journeys’ that have created a wave in the travel and tourism industry. Here they are:

Northern Belle, UK

Travel back into time with Northern Belle Express awakening the charm and romance of the 1930s. As you move through your way amidst Britain’s most beautiful countryside bridges and castles, each turn stirs up awe in the senses.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a legendary journey of 6000 miles. It is a continuous stretch of rail line that connects Russia with Mongolia and China. The train purges through gleaming blue lakes, forests and the expanse of the Gobi Desert making its final stoppage in Beijing.

Denali Star, Alaska

It’s believed, touring Alaska by train keeps eyes and mouth wide open. Well, it can be true when you spot grizzlies and moose at the base of the snow-capped peaks situated at the edge of a lake. The sight of Mt. McKinley from the windows of Denali star is tremendously breathtaking.

Hiram Bingham, Peru

Can you imagine travelling through the misty peaks of Peru towards the sites of Inca, through the countryside of Cusco? This epic journey is the perfect reality of what you just imagined. This seven hour route makes a winding journey through the Urubamba River Valley.

The Ghan, Australia

The vast Australian Outback gives a better perspective of the expanded land of Ghan. This journey covers approximately 2000 miles and wades through the flourishing lands and greenery of Adelaide. The stops made are a great chance to get down and walk few steps to experience being in the open.

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