Travel Fashion Tips for Women

Somebody has rightly quoted that ‘Fashion withers but style remains immortal.’ Everyone has their own style statement so women should dress up accordingly, without compromising their looks and yet look fashionable.
Most women stick to tank tops or zip-up hot pants or short pants but, sometimes you also need to blend in with the locals of a destination. Therefore, pack the stuffs that will make you look from sloppy to posh.


This does not have to be something fancy so you can go for a simple scarf to cover your head and shoulders while taking a tour in conservative countries. It is an accessory that has multi-purpose use like to ball up into a pillow during long flights or to enhance the look of a simple outfit.
The best places to purchase basic scarves are from airport shops and markets all over the world that sell an array of varieties and pashminas at reasonable prices.

A Pair of Dark Jeans

All travellers know that packing a pair of jeans is always useful and handy. It is something where you can wear everywhere teaming it up with a trendy top keeping the climate in mind. Make sure you pack pair dark skinny jeans to ward off the cold weather. It is advisable to wear it with a vibrant top to complete your look.

Tank Top and Tees

Tank top and tees are the easiest outfits to pack while travelling. They are supposed to be comfort wear for girls that can be accessorized with a trendy piece of stole and comfy bottoms. What more? You can match up a pair of trendy ear-rings, solid nail colour and a nice pair of shoes.


The Little Black Dress is must-have apparel in every girl’s wardrobe. It has always been a fashion classic and the perfect one is lightweight, easy to breathe, blandishing and fast drying. This dress is easy to carry with minimal make-up and accessories.

A Chic Summer Sarong

A versatile and a must bring item for every female traveller. Even if you don’t have one just get it stitched with an additional piece of fabric. Sarongs act as perfect concealment for your swim suits if you are heading to a beach destination.
It is not advisable to wear them in a conservative location but at other places you can use it as a towel, sleep sack, bathrobe, and a voguish skirt or just as a shade.

A Maxi Dress and Skirts

A maxi dress and skirts can never go out of fashion and keeping the weather conditions in mind of the destination that you are heading to do not forget to carry them. They are not only voguish but have given travel enthusiasts the ultimate clothing necessities in any kind of setting.


This is clothing which should be there in a woman’s luggage. You can go for a well-knitted cardigan that can be a perfect travel accessory without appearing too layered up and to spice up your look. It will help you to keep warm while exploring ancient sites, museums or sipping coffee at a roadside cafe.
Lastly, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and carry a hand purse without grabbing much attention. It is advisable to keep your look simple and accessories it further with a basic watch. Yes, do not end up carrying something which you would regret of losing it up.
Just enjoy your holiday and ‘comfort first’ should top in your list because you’ll spend time in commuting like boarding flights, travelling in trains and taking the public buses.

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