Travel with your Valentine this February

I guess it’s quite natural that right after the New Year celebrations, it’s time to ponder on the month of love. Why do you love celebrating Valentine’s Day? Is it because it is mandatory, or you find yourself attached afresh with that day and to your love?

Well, no doubt everything about the Valentine circles around the one you love and I think the best way to celebrate it by including travel as a major icing on the cake. Consider the following ways you can make this special occasion, a memorable one.

The gift of ‘travel’

Surprise someone special in your life by presenting the travel gift. Find out a packaged travel that comprises of something you both love. My partner and I love spending lovely moments on the mountains.

So we choose a trip to Nepal and booked a 3star hotel, which was quite lavish, and made every second exciting and unforgettable. It was the ‘time of our lives’ in a captivating setting and a learning experience that brought us more and more closer and instigated a fresh fantasy we could indulge in.

Travel as a Foodie

Mix Valentine with travel which points towards some good food. Since it’s the only way to person’s heart, let your focus be on a different delicacy that is quite dissimilar to your own.

While in Spain, I was charmed by the market tour that concluded by a perfect lunch, wine and dessert. Every time I combined food and travel, I wished I could share it with someone. Now, I look at travel plus food in a completely new light.

List out the names of places you have been to, with photographs of course, and make a separate list to the destinations you wish to go with the things you want to do. List it in your phone app where again and again you can keep fanning the flame to fulfil all your desires.

The Travel on Valentine’s Day

There are places in and around Europe that will experience a warmer climate that week. Therefore, consider visiting an ancient bath situated in Spain. Destinations such as Barcelona and Almeria have the perfect spa that you have been craving for.

No matter what the climate might be outside, inside caverns are warm and romantic. Who knows you may not go back into the cold outside. Spend time in pools with an amazing massage as it’s the true kind of environment you both want to share that moment, which might never come back.

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