Turn Your Layovers into a Leisure Time

A bare truth – ‘Cheap are those flights with layovers’! But many passengers will go out of their way to pay more just to avoid the extra time at the airport. Can’t blame them, can we?
The vague logic behind sitting at an airport for 6-7 hours is more inviting than waiting to see your dentist. I am sure you would not be willing to lengthen your travel time when you need to check-in at an oceanfront villa or board a majestic ocean-liner?
Let’s look at it this way – Layovers are not a ‘necessary evil’ and it does not have to mean monotonous hours of wait to board your flight. Layovers can be an unforgettable part of your trip, if you dare to make it extraordinary. So how do you kill time? Can solving puzzles, reading a magazine, dining help you kill time? Or even slipping out of the airport to explore the city and melt calories at a nearby gym?

Let’s Work Out

If you are too lazy to move around in the city, unfold your yoga mat and get your positions right. Get your blood flowing with some stretching and deep breathing. Browse the web to find a suitable gym or a fitness area for a refreshing workout. The Changi Airport in Singapore has a well-equipped gymnasium, while the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has a meditation centre, freely accessible to passengers. Surf AirportGyms.com to search for fitness centres, or even sauna baths.

Get out into the city

Some airports do offer rapid and accessible transport facilities to the cities, which are no doubt, the best option for an adventure during a layover. You can easily take the public transportation from the airport to the downtown city and enjoy exploring it out.
Someone explained it this way – We were stranded in Boston; took the subway, relished dining and came back to the airport hassle-free. Find out an attraction, go out and enjoy it. If you have 5-6 hours in hand, go watch a movie instead. Sounds good?

Get a Room

A 6-hour red eye? That can make your eyes heavy, but you are too embarrassed to fall asleep in public. The solution is right here! Ponder on paying for a short-term check-in, it can be cheap and considerable. There are YOTEL’s at various airports that can be rented for four hours at a minimum price.

A Game for Two

Carry a board game and indulge your travel companion to relish a time with each other. Catch a friendly stranger and double the fun with the game. Get your face away from your laptop and enjoy the real game. Some good, packable games include Bananagrams, Travel Scrabble and Yahtzee To Go.

Talk to a Stranger

You might bump into a stranger at the airport bar or in a restaurant, that can stir up an interesting conversation. Share your experiences out, share vacation tips as you both might head to the same place.

Watch People

Big cities can give the big picture when you watch a crowd going by. As it is said, ‘Sip coffee and watch the world go by’. It’s quite amusing to watch people with their style, habits, culture and outlook. The best place to get such a picture is by a window seat, at a cafe or at a restaurant.

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