Turning Your Hell into a Successful Holiday

Holidays are costly and therefore, it’s frustrating if your needs are not met and things are not up to the mark. A holiday can either turn into a memory or a nightmare. Hence, we offer tips that will offer you a heavenly holiday, rather than a ruined one. Things can go wrong during a vacation and the irritation continues if the problem is not addressed right away.


  • The first and foremost golden rule is to raise the issue immediately. Most of the issues that come up suddenly can be solved easily and quite efficiently if it is addressed soon, instead of ignoring it. Suppose, you book a travel product with Crystal Travel, you can leave a review at Crystal Travel reviews for the betterment of the site and the company.


  • Secondly, if you tend to approach the issue formally, you will need to compile your case with evidence. The more evidence you have, the better. To have a successful claim, save your receipts, your tickets and mention all the details at that time, so that the key facts are not skipped from your head.


  • On these terms, if your issue is not addressed, during your vacation, make sure you submit the proper formal complaint within 3-4 weeks. File the complaint through a letter and your letter should clearly state the problem. Try to mention the cost of the holiday and the number of days that were spoilt due to the problem to demand a compensation for ‘loss of enjoyment’, adding other things that you can mention. Crystal Travel complaint section is a user-friendly portal, where clients mention their cares, concerns and complaint for the improvement of the site.


  • It is important to keep a second copy of everything that you sent with a genuine acknowledgement along with the letter. The wait can linger on, if things are not proper. A holiday or a hotel issue may take less time, compared to the airline issue, which takes more time if there was a flight delay or an issue of a lost baggage.


  • Even if you get a compensation and you are not happy about it, you have the right to appeal to the company. At the same time, do not immediately bank the cheque that you receive, as it will be taken as accepting whatever is given. You can also talk about the welfare of the company in Crystal Travel feedback and share your experience with the site and the travel agency in person.


  • What happens is, if someone is not happy even after getting the compensation, they can take a case to arbitration or even to the appeal court. If your case and points are strong, operators will make a better deal. If not, you have two main options, either you can make a complaint using the arbitration and the mediation service to acquire a final call.

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