Ultimate Bucket List of Europes 10 Best-Part 1

The world is a die-hard fan of the European continent and we all possess an undying love for this undulating piece of heavenly land. Choosing holiday destination in Europe, counting the cost and travel itineraries, can be baffling.
So what you need is a bucket list of the things and a help in segregating the top attractions and awe-inspiring places of Europe and high-spirits to explore and experience them before you die. So here’s the ‘Top 10 Places of Europe before you die’.

Dubrovnik – Croatia

The first thing that catches your attention in Dubrovnik is the tremendous view of the city. As you keep on exploring and investigating the magic behind the charm, the curiosity keeps growing in you, to witness the climax as you walk up the grand city walls. Welcome to ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’.


Amsterdam is yet another merrymaking town of Europe that displays the most romantic canals and glorious architectures of the ancient world. Amsterdam is the heartbeat of the European belt with a concoction of the ancient and the modern and wonderfully displays the unique charm. You get what you look for in here!


This city is staggering! The appearance of the city is carved by the events that have happened down the ages, each with its own diverse character. The past bombings and total destruction gave the urge to the leaders to come up with an electrifying array of sights, architecture and attractions to erase the horrifying past. To see the city in its entire splendour, hire a bike and enjoy getting around.


Now, where do we start from – the breathtaking lakes, the snow-capped mountains, the Jazz Festival or from an exciting ski activity? There’s is so much to do, that you might get frustrated as you may not want to miss anything.
Well, apart from the above thing, you can land up doing an exciting shopping in Geneva or even party in the party town of Zurich. The air and the city is so clean, you won’t get tired of the day’s activities. You may want to go ahead and do more. Try driving too!

The Plitvice Lakes

These awesome lakes are considered to be a part of the Plitvice National Park which is a renowned natural sight in Croatia, Europe. Due to its stunning beauty and importance it brought in tourism, this park had been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The beauty of this lake is the work of 16 lakes that are linked and a little further down they are separated by dams. The colours of the lake are striking; they change their colours from grey, blue, azure and green.
Get used to and enjoy the Top 5, we come back soon, in 2 days with the next 5, bringing to you the best destinations of Europe, one must see!

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