Ultimate Bucket List of Europes 10 Best-Part 2

We continue to enthral you with the ‘Next 5 Places in Europe’. Hope you have loved every bit of Part One and already are in a mood to explore one or two places. Well, that’s not the end, here are the next five. Who knows, the best is yet to come!


The ‘eternal city’ is simply irresistible and there are more than enough reasons to visit the impressive historical sites as well as learn about the gripping facts and legends that lurk behind the spectacular sites. Though the city displays an olden-golden era, the present Rome is totally cosmopolitan and modern. At the Colosseum, you could still hear the roar of the crowd cheering the gladiators.

Meteora, Greece

The word ‘Meteora’ means ‘Suspended in Air’. Such a city came into being when few monks’ lives in the caves and on the rocks to get closer to God, and gradually built monasteries to relieve themselves from their occupation. The towering cliffs were a perfect escape.

The month of May and June is the best time to visit this magical place, with the weather being absolutely comfortable.

Burano, Italy

Burano is a colourful town, a town drenched in technicolour. The paint was done inorder for the houses to be distinguished in thick fog. Resident can paint their homes with any shade they like, but they have to ask permission from the government, in order to do that.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov falls under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as its charm lies in the 13th century Gothic castles with various other palaces, gardens and buildings. Most of these majestic buildings are now used as venues for performing arts.

Yvoire, France

Famous as one of the most unique and spectacular cities in France, the medieval city Yvoire are known for its stunning flowers that are displayed during the summer months.

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