Unforgettable Adventure Destinations of Europe

Europe is not only about winter wonderland and dreamy castles but also about thrill seekers and outdoor lovers. It is filled with packed terrains apt for hiking, scuba diving and other extreme adventure opportunities. At the onset of 2014, indulge in some adventurous activities and plan your holidays at these jaw-dropping Europe destinations.
Right from glaciers to volcanoes of Iceland to warm waters of Canary Islands take a look at Europe’s top adventure destinations.

The Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany

Berchtesgaden is a ‘hiker’s paradise’ in Bavarian Alps because this mountainous region on the German-Austrian Border is filled with trails at all levels, the best of this is circle Konigssee- a stunning glacier lake that stands between the towering mountains.
If you are weary and your legs gives up then you can also take cable cars that ferries in lot of travelers to some of the best viewpoints of the area that happen to be favorite hangout zones.

The Pyrenees, France

Spreading across the border between Spain and France, the Pyrenees is a Giant Mountain range which extends hundreds of miles and divide two countries. One of the best ways to explore this destination is take a bike tour riding from the shores of Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea by passing through the Pyrenees.
Explore the French countryside and beaches by staying at nice charming hotels or base yourself at the gorgeous hotels of the place.

Spitsbergen, Norway

Norway is among those countries of Europe which is located on the extreme northern end, almost one third of elongated land mass remains within the Arctic Circle and remains ice-covered throughout the year. Hundreds of fjords indent the coastline while the mountainous and magnificent glaciers cover the land mass.
Hardcore adventure seekers should travel to Spitsbergen which is 900 kms south of North Pole and hike through the wildest terrain of the continent. Be prepared to catch a sight of Polar Bear as they roam freely in search of food and watch the playful activities of Grey Seals or a group of walrus are sure to make your trip memorable.

The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites are regarded as the Italy’s dramatic rocky rooftop and offer the best mountain thrills in Europe. They are well developed and the region’s most famous valley and towns suffer from ski fever. The Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, Italy, is the best and the original ferrate route in the world.
Try a demanding trek through the dramatic Brenta mountain range located in the Italian Province of Trento. With the help of extensive network of ladders and high-level trails, the classic Via Ferrate route takes you through Via delle Bocchette which was basically constructed in 1930’s.

Akureyi, Iceland

Iceland is filled with incredible adventure that the entire country has managed to be in merit list. It is truly a country of extremes known for its ferocious volcanic center to the bordering glaciers and freezing temperatures.
The place has three major glaciers which are Vatnajokull, Langjokull and Hofsjokull with number of smaller ones covering about 11 percent of land. The fjords and bays make one of the breathtaking places with an irresistible coastline. Many glacier rivers that run from highlands to the ocean are among the wildest in Europe.
Europe is known for rugged mountains, picturesque coastline and lush countryside which have inspired travelers to spend their holidays. Such spots appeal the locals and tourist alike but adventure tour attracts those who want to get away from the daily grind of life and look for an unforgettable holiday.

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