Unleash the Best Five Getaways for Women

According to a research many women would prefer to go on holidays with their girlfriends rather than their better halves.  When you travel, you’ll understand that the world is mostly safe and people are not that bad as we get to hear in news.
Women have a tendency to remain tensed because they have some added worries like health and travelling abroad all alone.
If you are looking for some great weekend trips for girls then take a look at some female-friendly hotspots. There is an array of destinations that gives you a chance for fun-filled getaways and an escape with your friends is one of the best holidays you can ever imagine.

New Zealand

In addition to a plethora of tourist destinations, New Zealand is also the safest for women. This land of long white cloud is filled with friendly people where herd of sheep outnumber the local residents and hitchhiking is one of the most common methods of travelling from one place to another. Do not forget to check cities like Wellington and Mt.Cook for breathtaking natural scenery.


Thailand is one of the hot favourite among girls not only due to its beauty and culture, but because women run the show.
There are various bars, restaurants, hostels, and tour companies that are being owned and operated by women which are something new to witness. Northern Thailand is sure to amaze you along with small cities Chiang Mai and Pai which is a hippie mountain town.

South Korea

South Korea is known all over the world for its effective education system and as per the UNESCO study in 2010 that shows the literacy rate of women is 98% over the age of 15 years.
It is combined with the fact that it is comparatively a safe and a unique destination to travel. This is the reason why South Korea makes it high on the list as thousands of expat women call South Korea their home as they work as English teachers and mentor young girls.


As per a survey, Iceland has already been ranked as No. 1 for its laws, education level, employment and the number of women in politics in 165 countries.
The country is known for its amazing natural scenery and the place is only occupied by 300,000 residents. Check out south Iceland which is known for its non-natural falls, ice masses and volcanoes.


Canada has consistently been ranked as the gladdest countries in the world for women to live. It is a heaven, with low crime rate and offers health care free of cost which is needed by most women.
Check out the fun city Vancouver which is simply gorgeous and one of the best places for a lovely weekend getaway on the ferry. Family holidays are good but an emotional all-girls holiday should also be experienced.
Make sure you pick up a location worth your budget. Lastly, do go for shopping expeditions, a spa weekend or spend a day relaxing by the poolside.

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