Unveiling the Beguiling Butterfly Valley

To read this blog, you need to resurrect your imagination and follow the description as I take you on a journey into the fairyland of Turkey. Well, you might suddenly feel you’re on the movie set of the acclaimed Jurassic Park.

So, imagine yourself boarding a taxi boat as you head towards the magical Butterfly Valley. The journey is worth it as you sail past glorious mountains and cross canyons that is home to many rare butterflies.

If you are travelling to the Butterfly Valley out of season you may not witness many butterflies, but to see one, is a moment of sheer joy. Your first destination will be a waterfall that you may wish to climb, or instead to can head towards the beach for some refreshments.

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Restaurants and Refreshments

You may find the restaurant facilities quite basic, but you may want to ponder more on the relaxation and rejuvenation. The restaurant is one-of-its-kind a self-service one where you may need to clear your own table and move the dishes to the washing point.


You better get Butterfly Valley on your agenda if you are searching for a few places to stay towards South-West Turkey. The accommodation is basic with a wooden hut and washing equipments and few shared washrooms. You could hire a tent for the night or even sleep on the beach!

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Activities at the Valley

Butterfly Valley belongs to snorkelers, swimmers, trekkers and photographers. It’s all about being in close connection with the nature and admire the vivid creatures flying by. The crystal blue waters have the right nature and character where you can sunbathe and relax.

How to reach the Butterfly Valley?

You can reach the valley through several boat trips that leave from Olu Deniz. However, the most exciting way to move around the region is by using the boat taxi that leaves from Olu Deniz. Please be aware that just walk away from ticket sellers as they will try to get you on their boats by saying anything they can.

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The Less-crowded Valley of Beauty

The fame of this valley has been since 1970 and it’s normal to assume that as more and more people visit, the region is most likely to be ruined by excess tourism and hotel owners. This region welcomes adventurous travellers to enjoy this spectacular haven. The goal is to keep this paradise protected from overpopulation and misuse.

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