Venice – Italian Culinary Heaven

Italy is known for its culinary and usage of herbs, although if you are on holidays to Venice, the priorities may vary and may exchange with the sightseeing. However, traditional food wanderers may try to keep their priorities sorted and seek the most exquisite dishes that are traditional and culturally renowned in the region. Venice, the symbol of love and probably the most beautiful town in Italy for lovebirds is much more than the beautiful sites and adorable canals. Travellers escaping cheap city breaks to Venice try to explore the places to visit and things to do in Venice and normally forget the delicacies available around the city that offers an impeccable experience to the taste buds.

Hence, here we have brought some of the most exquisite and fascinating dishes you must try on your Venice holidays:

Sarde in saor: One of the most famous and delicious dishes, Sarde in Saor is a must try. The sweet and saury taste brought by cooking with tangy sauces made of nuts, onion and raisins, makes it a perfect dish to enjoy. Sea food lovers especially foodies who fond of fish love Sarde in Saor the most.

Moleche: When it comes to sea food, Venetian lagoons are rich of them and provides the most nutritious ingredients to cook traditional foods. Moleche is one of the most fabulous dish made of crustaceans which is a springtime seasonal fried snack that requires perfect timing and usage of spices with balance and you must try to make your Venice holiday picture perfect.

Risi e Bisi: As most of you may guess by the name, Risi e Bisi is a rice based starter snack which looks really beautiful on platter and have the taste you can’t imagine. This traditional dish is a completely different experience you must try on Last Minute city breaks to Venice and get the heavenly portion full of flavours and spellbinding aroma.

Pizza: What is better than a Pizza when you are in Italy. The signature dish for every voyager on holidays to Venice, thin crust, colourful toppings and variety in seasoning makes pizzas in Venice the most unbelievable dish to try.

Although, there are tons of other dishes you can try on Venice, but if you are up to taste the traditional and cultural dishes of Italian culture, then you must go to the local way and explore the city whilst getting the bites of spectacular delicacies available in Venice.

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