Visit Top Four Family Friendly Destinations of Europe this New Year 2014

As the year comes to an end, you regret having not spent enough time with your family so, in 2014 take a resolution to give your near and dear ones the most precious gift–your time.
What do you expect while holidaying with your family? When you choose a kid-friendly destination then you want to get soaked up in the warmth of local attractions, enjoy authentic cuisines and bring joy in the eyes of your kids with flights to Europe.
Truly size doesn’t matter because while you are planning to spends your holidays in Europe one question will pop up in your mind is that it’s only one quarter the size of Asia and one third of Asia but still it manages to pull in crowd which makes it a sought after holiday destination. Therefore take a look at top family friendly destination in Europe, 2014.


This city always tops the list because it offers a tempting combination of atmosphere, history and thrills of a fast-paced place. In London, history collides with fashion, art, food and good British beer.
It is a majestic destination right from ghoulish Tower of London, pomp of Buckingham Palace to the buzz of a giant wheel-the London Eye, a city that will have you in its spin. London is one of those rare cities because it is often regarded as story book holiday for toddlers and trophy trip for teens.


Travel bugs seem to overlook Denmark because it’s especially built for kids but they might be wrong because it’s worth exploring for adults too. Copenhagen is home to Tivoli- a fairytale central amusement park that dates back to 1843 and compact to visit it during the weekends.
The capital city of Denmark is a brilliant city to discover with kids as it is blessed with awe-inspiring and glorious landmarks, soaring spires, waterfront warehouses and grand residences in kaleidoscope of colors and castles right from fairy-tales. Not only these, there are number of fun parks ,greenery around that give free space for kids and an array of indoor attractions for rainy days.


This French capital has number of kids-friendly places, restaurants, wonderful and weird museums, fun and safe place to play outside carrying out all sorts of activities, whatever the weather might be!
Paris is a family friendly destination whether you want to go for a shopping with your toddler or find an alternative for standing in queue near Eiffel Tower. Disneyland Paris has every bit of its American counterparts with an added advantage of European exoticism.


Just because you are holidaying with kids does not mean that you need to forget about city-breaks. Prague is a wonderful destination for short weekend trip away from the hustle bustle of city life.
It is compact enough that you can tour around the city either by walking or by tram which is a kid-friendly way of enjoying your tour. The architecture of the place reminds you of a fairy-tale setting because the castles are perched on a hill and atmosphere of the Charles
Bridge and Old Town Square is simply thrilling.
The mere thought of flying to other side of the globe will put off many holidaymakers but travelling to Europe can be made enjoyable as it has always been the most preferred destination for families because it is not only affordable but interesting getaway which makes it a perfect family-friendly destination.

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