Visiting the Colourful Cultural Markets of Lagos

People who visit the Nigerian capital city of Lagos, find the rambling conurbation quite mysterious. In fact, you can chart out four main things one can do in the city after landing with flights to Lagos – visiting art galleries, purchase groceries, bargain for some Ankara and do some traditional shopping.

Balogun Market

Well, you may not find everything at one single place, but you will surely spot them as you travel towards Lagos Mainland Bridge and halt at Balogun Market. The traffic might be just backed up for miles and miles, but do not be discouraged seeing the street vendors holding up their products on your car window. They are just trying to offer the best as well as save you from being dehydration.

So, finally you reach Balogun Market and start admiring shoes, clothes and home supplies. This market is famous for African lace and Ankara too, that allures tourists to book tickets to Lagos from Fly Africa.

Ankara Alley

If you hear about Ankara Alley, you will not mind walking past the narrow lanes, jumping over the drainage system and crossing a group of vendors to reach Ankara Alley. What jeans is to Americans, Ankara is to Nigerians. You might suddenly hear Ankara vendors calling out.

Oke Arin Market

Purchasing Ankara doesn’t bring an end to the shopping activity in Lagos, the quest will always continue to hunt for some groceries and Oke Arin Market, or Up the Middle Market. Right from sacks to rice, yam baskets, onions and tomatoes; these things are sold in bulk. Oke Arin is a kind of farmers market, which has been expanded a thousand times. Avail cheap flights to Lagos and enjoy saving your hard-earned money, which you can spend on other things as you holiday in Lagos.

Iponri Market

As you again wade through the crammed lanes and the traffic, you will eventually reach the Iponri Market, which has a unique structure than the other two markets. You are lucky, if you spot a yellow rickshaw. At the Iponri Market, you will be able to spot rows and rows of tailors and these amazing tailors sew anything from embroidery patches to Ankara. Adjusted in between the tailor shops, there are few food stalls and groceries. Take a cheap flight to Lagos and you’ll realise that it’s really not a place for a relaxing break – it’s rather a bit too hectic for that.

Jakande Market

There can be still time for you to stop at the Jakande Market, which is renowned for world-class crafts, original artworks, ceramics, beads and sculptures. The market is located strategically on a barrier island known as Lekki Peninsular, divided by the Creek Lagoon and the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

Plodding right through the muddy streets, you will reach Jakande, a place filled with artisan shops and tiny food stalls. As you reach inside, you will be astounded by the traditional artwork. You can buy items of wood, ivory and metal, as well as colourful paintings of people and festivals.

Lekki Market

If you are inclined towards gifting a tribal painting or a wooden trinket, you are sure to get a good deal at the Lekki Market. The market is divided into several long corridors and more than 300 vendors have rented out their shops. With flights from London to Lagos enjoy the blessings of the city and cherish everlasting memories.

Goods range here from a variety of tribal masks, ancient animal figurines, carved curios and furnitures. If you spot an item you wish to buy, you can expect a fair amount of haggling and it’s safe to bring the price down to half or so. To reach Lekki Market, you need to travel 6 miles of Victoria Market and fall on the Lekki-eke expressway. The journey is quick, if the traffic is light. Enjoy the ride and get to explore the countryside of Nigeria.

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