Wackiest Festivals Celebrated Around the World

Some hobbies can only be pursued through talent but the real skill is to turn these weird spare-time activities into an international event. Whether you have a passion to sculpt masterpieces out of sand or dance underwater there is a festival or an event dedicated to hone your skills.
On the other hand there are few hobbies around the world like air guitar held in Oulu Finland that invites ridicule and attracts over 10,000 tourists every year. Though the judges seem to take this seriously like judging the participants based on their technical skills, stage presence and traits like airiness.
The events with cultural traditions make one of the best festivals in the world. Therefore check out the wackiest and most fun-filled festivals celebrated around the world.

The Camel Cup

What started as a bet in 1970 between 2 friends has turned into a popular event in Australia. Today the Camel Cup is an annual jubilation held in Alice Springs with belly dancers, camel rides, music and camel races.

The Monkey Buffet Festival

The Monkey Buffet Festival is an effort to boost tourism in Thailand that is held anually. The festival comprises of offering fruits and vegetables to a gang of monkeys in the Lopburi province north of Bangkok.

Contraband Days

It is one of the largest as well the oldest festivals in Louisiana also known as the city of the Lake Charles. The festival is marked by 100-pirate themed events and lasts for about 12 days.

The Boryeong Mud Festival

The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival held in Boryeong, a town located in the southern part of Seoul in South Korea. This festival is celebrated to promote the medicinal and cosmetic qualities of the town’s mud. It is a two week long festival that comprises of a mud pool, mud slides, mud-skiing competitions and a vendors selling cosmetics made out of mud.

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

The renowned Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival attracts more than 20,000 people looking for true love in the busy pubs of Ireland for the entire month of September. If you’re lucky enough then you might get a chance to bump into Willie Daly, the most famous matchmaker in Ireland.

The Battle of the Oranges

This is the largest food fight festival in Italy as the Battle of Oranges is held in the northern city of Ivrea. The origin of this orange throwing tradition is still a mystery. Since oranges do not grow at the foothills of Italian Alps then it must have been imported from Sicily.

The Haro Wine Festival

The Haro Wine Festival is held every summer in the town of Haro in northern Spain. After the mass in remembrance of Saint San Pedro, the Battle of Wine is celebrated by tossing wine from buckets until everyone is soaked and coloured pink.

Annual Radish Festival

This festival is all about sculptures of animals and saints craved out of radishes at the annual Radish Festival. The festivities begin with music, traditional dancing and lots of good food along with deep-fried doughnuts drenched in syrup. According to the tradition after eating throw your plate over your shoulder and the number of times it breaks predicts about your fortune next year.

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