Want to relish saporous dishes in Harare?

Zimbabweans are food lovers. Find out what they eat!

The redolence of fried chicken resurrects the nostrils as you pass from Shupikai Muyambo’s cafe, making your stomach crave for more and more. Situated in a tiny farm near Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique, the Padera Restaurant enjoys an engaging trade. With flights to Harare you will surely explore something very new and authentic. Get ready to pamper your taste buds.


Shupikai Muyambo

The hungry hulks swarm in, to relish the ravishing prepared meat products served with rice or sazda. It is consumed highly by the locals as well as visitors flocking in. This pretty-looking cafe was opened by Ms Muyambo and as the cafe is gaining fame, she plans on hiring more and more staff to meet the demands of her guests.

The Rise of Restaurants

Zimbabwe once suffered depression for the past 12 years and there was unemployment. Just last year the figures escalated to a good number and people could not imagine going out for a lavish meal. The present scene of Zimbabwe shows that eating has totally become a favourite past time and still gains popularity with numerous food outlets popping up. With tickets to Harare enjoy a variety of food outlets, from roadside shelters to a more elite restaurants. People say, ‘Competition is on the rise, but even with endless economic challenges, people love to eat’.

Allen Gava Restaurant

In the sprawling capital of Harare, 40-year old Allen Gava is flourishing with a good restaurant scene. Once a vegetable and fruit seller, he began his restaurant business in 2012 in Harare’s most sophisticated locality.

Now with 10+5 employees, Allen has established a concrete customer base and people visit in crowds to eat thrice or four times a week. With economical dishes and a huge outside seating area in the garden, his thriving eating joint is more than an elite place to eat and Allen boasts that he earns to pay salaries and make profit. Despite being famous, there are a number of problems that restaurant owners face.

Popular ZImbabwean dishes:

  • Sadza-Pap
  • Manhuchu-Samp
  • Derere-Okra
  • Mubora-Pumkin leaves
  • Maheu
  • Kapenta-Small Fish
  • Soft porridge
  • Nyimo-Roundnuts
  • Roasted grains
  • Nzungu-Groundnuts

So, where else do the hungry hulks eat in Harare? Let’s take you to —

Victoria 22:

What was once a lavish colonial house, became a loved food joint for the locals. Keeping up with the Harare standard, this place is quite formal, with exceptional choices for a 4-course meal. It’s probably tagged as the best food in the city. Book cheap flights to Harare and get to taste something very traditional and exceptional.

Sitar Restaurant & Bar: A chic, family-friendly restaurant serving one of the best curries in Harare. Believe it or not, this place has the only tandoori clay oven in Zimbabwe. During the afternoons and early evenings, people can be seen enjoying authentic Zimbabwean snacks and coffee. It’s during dinner time, families are seen to swarm in. Due to it’s big space, there are birthday and wedding parties quite frequently.

Tree Top Restaurant & Pub: Hey guys! the new, refurbished and innovative Tree Top Restaurant is open. What was once a Glass House, it has been transformed. The restaurant includes a huge verandah with view of the grand Gletwyn Dam. With flights from UK to Harare, enjoy a variety of beverages in the new pub and enjoy sports coverage.

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