What Makes Greece So Inviting

Have you heard about Skyros and Corfu? Well, you will hear more about them in a little while. Crystal Travel brings you a guide to why Greece can be considered as ‘the most visited destinations for holidays’. Enter into a crowd-free classical culture.
You might get to hear that Greek cities and islands are not what it was, instead they have become polluted and overpopulated. More than 100 Greek Islands are inhabited and few so get seriously crowded. It doesn’t matter, even the most busiest islands have places where you can escape the mass. But, sometimes the crowd is enthralling. Come, taste the best of these 8 Greek islands.

SYMI – the top-notch harbour town

Shh!!!, the ferry engines shut down and like a snake the ferry swims into the narrow and length harbour, encircled with age-old amphitheatres. For a moment you realise, this is it, this is the time you had been waiting for.

MYKONOS – it’s party time!

The sky turns red, the evening sun transforms the dull landscape into a pool of gold. The beautiful crowd rises and the slim-lined lanes are suddenly packed with people who are dressed in their best, and daringly fashionable.

SANTORINI – what a view!!!

What was once a broken part of an extinct volcano in the early 1500s, is now the town of Fira that sits majestically, with a deadly drop of 250m, right into the stunning deep blue sea. This is where all the panoramic and picture-perfect shots are captured. If you google Greece, and these are the images you get – Santorini!!!

EVERYWHERE IN GREECE – best food all over!

Greek food may not stand out as the world’s great cuisine, but you will definitely find some good, fresh dishes prepared out of the marine life and veggies. You may find a freshly caught fish dish out of nowhere being prepared over an open fire, in ¬†olive oil with hilly herbs. You can enter into a kitchen to see what is being cooked, but try not to savour something prepared in a microwave.
Retsina (is a Greek white resinated wine) is the name for a famous Greek drink, which you may or may not like. A home taste can be different to a beach taste. You would surely love some fresh grape juice as there are abundant vineyards and fresh produce.
The top-grade spirit is Cretan raki, Greek brandy is barky but potable, ouzo is best avoided and the Corfiots make a kumquat-flavoured liqueur which is truly slimy.

FARMAKONISI – totally uninhabited

Remember, no ferries stop here! Julius Caesar breathed his wrath on the people of this island because he was kidnapped and held hostage while he was young. The past is haunting for the locals, very few people come here, but you should be carrying your own things and board a yacht from Gaidaros or Arki.

TILOS – best for wildlife tours

A troupe suffered a shipwreck and a pair of tigers managed to slip onto the uninhabited coast of Tilos and survived on a mountain goat. The story can be true, or even a fable, but the island did have a unusual population of elephants and several rare species of birds.

SKYROS – the best and all time favourite!

Totally flabbergasting destination that will leave you speechless. That’s all that can be said!

GAVDOS – still the best unexplored island

The islands of the south are what most Greek islands were like several years ago. You enjoy the best days of your life on the two beaches – Agios Ioannis and Potamos. These are the masters of the Mediterranean. The population might be less, but allures several artists and couples from other parts of the world. It’s hard to get to and difficult to leave.

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