Where to Holiday in September

As summer turns down, you are between the end of summer and the beginning of fall in the month of September. This the month of Virgo’s and places to visit that begins with the letter ‘B’.


Let’s say, Beijing, a walled kingdom where once emperors and officials ruled. The city, no doubt, is an architectural marvel with a majestic historical background and during September the city creates the perfect temperature for a perfect visit to marvel at all of its sights.

Buenos Aires & Barcelona

In Buenos Aires and Barcelona the climate is warming up after the chill. Savour some excellent wine in one of the stylish bars and explore the taste of Spain in one of the customary restaurants.


The warm sea and the gleaming sun of the Mediterranean spark up many stunning beaches and UNESCO Heritage Site of Malta. Maldives can turn heads and tempt island lovers during September into the tropical beaches, lagoons and loads of snorkelling.
Since monsoon is wrapping up, you can grab some hot travel deals and special discounts. Zambia stands out for the massive two – Wildlife Safari and River Safari at Zambezi River.


The Catskill Mountains display warm days, pleasant nights and a blazing environment. Three things stand out if you’re planning a visit here – Meditate with a guitar, fish and learn the value of an isolated life. The elegant surrounding; it’s exciting!

San Francisco

On the other hand, San Francisco, unquestionably, is the most free-spirited cosmopolitan city in America and the most beautiful destination with lovely houses, hilly streets, lovely views of the bay and the famed Golden Gate Bridge. Norfolk has some quite coves, sandy beaches, fishing bays, pretty towns and the staggering landscape makes this place a perfect destination.

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