Win a Trip to Europe for best Stag Holidays

Are you a lone ranger? Hit the nail by picking a stag weekend city. It’s rather baffling to pin-point a various options, though they are vast. With research, professional judgment, studies, group discussions and reviews we have handpicked recommended destinations offering the best experience in Europe.
With no short cuts or extra benefits, you are offered amazing marketplace value that boost the international weekend. We assure you that your European stag weekend is ravishingly exciting.

Plan Weekend Stag Holidays in Europe

If adventure and venturing away is what you fancy, keep in mind that stag holidays takes a bit of head-banging preparation – health/safety, accommodation, insurance, financial protection, passports, tickets, visas, climate and clothing. It can be easy, quick and painless if planned properly.

Where to go – choosing between Europe’s greatest destinations

Buckle up to enter into a different dimension with you stag holiday in Europe – it’s thrilling and the boys will love it. The hurdle is, choosing where to go with so much to see – from Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife to Amsterdam’s liberal district to Rome’s ancient structures, you get to admire everything.
For some serious partying, check out Ibiza, and Budapest for a bit of culture cruise. In Prague you can taste the renowned award winning Czech beer and marvel at the Golden City’s amazing breweries and in the German capital Berlin merge in the huge festival and sample exclusive activities.
For nature lovers wanting friendly atmosphere, Rome is an excellent place to hang out, soak up and catch new energy.
With a trip to Europe to experience something innovative in the medieval capital or Dubrovnik. It is a magical setup with fascinating climate, amazing beaches, charming venues and sociable people.
Lisbon is another amazing choice if value is on your mind. With incredible nightlife, deep sea fishing and spectacular beaches, it’s a true thrill. What about Riga in Latvia? It’s another unmissable stag destination that enjoys exuberant nightlife and culture.
Reykjavik offers an unforgettable trip to the boys with bustling evenings and stunning sites.

Notable Tips to Plan Stag Weekends

• Start planning early
• Do not settle for second best or be shaken away by the cost and value
• Look into flights and book early. European routes do fill up quickly for city breaks; the longer you linger, the more you end up paying
• Think about the admin issues – visas, health check-ups etc
• Get your insurance and your European medical card
• Check all details before you embark on this trip
• Sort out your currency
• Save up numbers in your phone
• Pray and enjoy a safe time
Stag holidays churn a strange excitement, and if planned well it’s a time when you can explore and get acquainted with captivating jewels of Europe – their culture, nightlife activities and other attractions all by yourself. Have a look at the selected European stag holidays and choose your pick.

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