Win a Trip to Europe to Witness the Wintry Christmas 2013

On a much broader sense, it’s much easier to ask a newlywed couple about the best spot for a winter getaway, or even enjoy ravishing honeymoon in Europe; ask a fanatic skier if one can consider merging culture and skiing in Switzerland, Austria or Italy.
Some may refer to Salzburg possessing one of the finest and smooth skiing environments. What about Norway or Sweden?
Europe is truly blessed with some magical cities with wonderful day-trips and nature display such as Northern Lights. To enjoy Christmas holidays in Europe visitors from all over enjoy dog sledding, snowmobiling and of course Christmas goodies and zest, after all it’s mid December, advancing to end the year with new plans, new zeal and vigor.
For most people the charm to visit Europe spins up the chance to experience the affluent culture, special traditions, decorations, celebrations and seasonal warmth.
Sipping on hot chocolate with a piece of chocolate cake, listening to a midnight choir at a cathedral, ravishing decorations; everything can be a mind-blowing experience.

London Christmas Events

From haunting carols under the wintry lamplight’s to pudding, the seasonal street fun on Bob Cratchit’s Street and Trafalgar Square along with ice-skating at outdoor rinks, departmental stores with elves; don’t miss the traditional London fun.

Christmas Markets in Germany

No matter what city you are in, the festive mood of Germany will never fail you, not discourage you at any moment. Search for a day or night market with gifts for sale and an amazing festive season and atmosphere. Their popularity is nothing new. You might hear a preacher say that few people come to church because of Christmas Markets.
Germany has been a favourite for many for Christmas markets, but many other countries – France, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia have assorted Christmas markets with twinkling lights, roasted chestnuts and plenty of toys for sale.

More Christmas Markets in Europe

Germany is well renowned for its Christmas markets, but many other countries — France, Spain, Scandinavia and Spain have markets that can confuse and excite you. There’s nothing you can do than get drowned in the twinkling lights, roasted chestnuts and plenty of toys.
Paris: Highlights include display of Christmas lights at the major historic sites, outdoor ice-skating, and Christmas celebrations at Notre Dame Cathedral.
Italy: The celebrations start on December 8 with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and continue till January 6, until Epiphany with the bestowing of gifts such as Candy and Gifts. Admire nativity setup, torchlight parades and much more.
Same way, Athens, Greece puts up a fabulous festive display each year not leaving back Scandinavian merrymaking at the 150 year old amusement park with Christmas stalls, seasonal delicacies, thrilling rides and carousels. All this can be enjoyed with just a Like, Share and Win Contest.

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