Window to the Festivals and Events in Fukuoka

Not everyone plans a trip to Fukuoka, a city located on Kyushu Islands in Japan. Energy thrives in every spectrum in the life of the people. One can encounter and admire unique features of the Japanese culture and tradition seen through these age-old festivals, some of which that have been famous for over 700 years. Festivals such as Hakata Dontaku Port Festival and Toka Ebisu Taisai attract massive crowd of people.
Amid Asian months, you can explore the variety of Asian tastes in Fukuoka that makes as vital part of the Asian region. The Music City Tenjin is another interesting event that turns the city into a huge live concert stage.

Hakata Dontaku Port Festival

This festival emerged from another traditional practice called Hakata Matsubayashi, dating back almost 800 years. The word ‘Dontaku’ emerged from the Dutch word that means ‘holiday’. Most of the people join the celebrations in the month of May. The notable feature is the parade along Meiji Street that stretches from Gofuku to Tenjin.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

Come July, and vibrancy shakes up the town of Hakata with a festive mood. The jubilant festivities come to a halt just at 16:59 pm on July 15th. At the beat of drums, men hold up the Yamakasa float dash with a full swing. This amazing festival displays an undying folk heritage. No wonder the legend to this festival originated from the founder of Shotenji Temple.

Hojoya Festival

Held every autumn, the Hojoya Festival is packed to the full with 500 vendors and a sea of visitors. Many visit this shrine to offer gratitude and thankfulness for the successful autumn harvest and their business.

Hakata Akihaku (Autumn Festa)

Right from September to November, a surplus of events and festivals are held in and around Tenjin and Hakata area. The entire metropolis of Fukuoka comes alive during this time.
From vibrant events at the temple shrines to art, music and therapeutic walks, there are all sorts of activities and events that one can check out.

Christmas of Tenjin

Christmas in Tenjin is celebrated with out-of-this-world decorations of structures and trees at the Watanabe-Dori Avenue and Kirameki-dori Avenue. Admire Tenjin in its entire splendour with adorning colours of the season.

Toka Ebisu Festival

This festival is solemnly dedicated to the god of fishery – Ebisu. It is held with much enthusiasm and joy at the Toka Ebisu Shrine and runs from January 8th to the 11th drawing a number of visitors. The main feature of this festival is the ‘walking of Geisha girls’ which is witnessed by many.
The many faces of the Japanese culture are sometimes veiled in their customs, traditions and cultures. In recent years, many other thriving cities have opened doors to the world to admire, marvel as well as learn various amazing cultures of the world.

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