With Roman holidays Roam in Rain in Romantic Rome

Do you remember the song ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’? It so very beautifully fits with Rome. Ah! November and December is the season for Rain in Rome and in a city where every angle sets up the mood to take you back to the past historic moments, everything needs to be explored on foot and rain can be real hindrance. Believe me, it’s not!

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There are museums that you can visit and admire on your Rome city breaks or maybe book your Palazzo Valentini tickets when the skies open.

How Romantic can Rome be?

But we need to go beyond the boundary. Can we? Here’s what you would call a perfect rainy day in Rome. With holidays in Rome Italy, such climate can allow you to cuddle up in places that are indoors, cozy, interesting, mysterious and off-the beaten path. You wouldn’t dare to miss the chance to photograph them if you could.

Grab your umbrellas and even if you don’t possess one, one thing’s good that umbrella-sellers pop up all over the city as soon as it rains. Don’t bother if you have forgotten yours. You could barter the price to 2 or 3 Euros for a small one and expect it to fall apart by the end of the day.

The Testaccio: Your Hiding Place

No matter where you are staying in Rome, sneak up to the Testaccio neighborhood with the metro or city buses (3 and 75)

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Testaccio was the ancient locality with a lot of heart and scanty tourists. It’s an amazing place to wander on a rainy day.

The Cafe Barberni

Take the bus and get off at a favourite cafe – the Cafe Barberni. This spot is crazy and cozy and well known for great coffee and friendly servers.

Fortify yourself with Barberini’s own pastries on such a rainy day with Croissants from the oven. The new and modern market of Testaccio replaced the old and you get to experience new and innovative things.

Listen to the Sound of the Rain

Other places where you can enjoy roaming in Rome as well as watch the local nonnas walk in for their morning food shopping. Don’t miss out 20MQ, a small decor store, a pretty-looking boutique of high-end clothes for women.

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I really don’t know about you, but on such a rainy day, one craves for classic pasta with red wine, tomato and slurp it with bucatini. Fall in love with each and every place, including the best spot Da Bucatino, where the pasta is seductively saucy.

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