With Sao Paulo holidays drown in the Cultural Football Capital of Brazil

Sao Paulo holidays in Brazil exposes largest and the world’s 7th largest city that has boomed as a financial powerhouse in the region as it is home to the stock exchange.
From UK, the approximate time taken is 10-hours to touch base. You are kept in an open option to avail any of the airport transfers to your desired destination or hotel. There are taxis can charge up to 20-30 BRL, where as radio taxis can charge a fare of 38 BRL.
There are city buses running on different routes with diverse fare ranging from 3-10 BRL.

Hotels in Sao Paulo Brazil

The accommodations in Sao Paulo Brazil are very ideally located near popular shopping attractions and business centers offering stylish décor right in the heart with top-notch facilities such as indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, complimentary breakfast as well as high-speed internet service.
With cheapest airline ticket to Sao Paulo from London experience the conurbation has a humid sub-tropical climate where the summers are generally humid and hot. The winter from June to August are pleasant but generally becomes a bit chilly in the evenings.

Sao Paulo weather

Avoid the rainy seasons from December to January. With low cost Brazil flights considering all these, the best time sorted out for the visitors are between June and October when the weather is just perfect and pleasant for sightseeing.

Attractions in Sao Paulo

The city prides regarding the most remarkable skyline with sky-scrapers like the Italia building, Banespa Building and Mirante do Vale Building.
The metropolis offers a sundry mix of music, arts, sports and cuisine. With sturdy influences of other cultures, this melting hub is truly a stunning cosmopolitan city to explore that is posed with its own eccentricity, an exquisite way of living, not to mention the top-notch restaurants and diverse regional and international cuisine available to all tastes.
With cheapest flights deals the major attraction of this city is its exceptional quality of restaurants and the variety of cultural activities that are on display.
The historical city tour is a panoramic tour for those keen travelers boarding cheap flights to Sao Paulo to experience an introduction to the history, culture, and the lifestyle of the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere.
The tour takes about 3 hours, during which the visitor will pass amazing places around the Sao Paulo Old Centre and get familiar with highlights such as –
• The Cathedral of Se
• Patio Colegio
• Monastery of Sao Bento
• Martinelli Building
• Viaduto do Chá
• The Municipal Theater
• Sala Sao Paulo concert hall
• Estaçao da Luz train station
• Municipal Market
TurisMetrô offers a variety of city tours every weekend. The tours are mostly carried out walking, but with some use of the metro too. Explore the fun when you book direct flights to Sao Paulo to from London.

Dining in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo has a fantastic diversity of restaurants for everyone who loves food, and the prices can be relatively low. The secret is – São Paulo Is One of the World’s Great Food Cities. Believe it or not!
Here, the ever-present beans-and-rice accompaniment typically involves brown beans instead of black beans, as in Rio. Another distinctive food in São Paulo is the Virado à Paulista, which consists of rice, a paste of beans and manioc flour, pork chops and sautéed collard greens. It usually goes along with pork rinds, pieces of sausage, a fried banana and a fried egg.
Top 5 restaurants in Sao Paulo – 
• Fasano
• Mani
• Skye
• Braz Pizzeria
The cuisine of Sao Paulo also demonstrates the influence of Middle Eastern and European immigrants. Pizza is a predominantly a popular dish, and Paulistas will vow that their city has the best pizza in the country.

Sao Paulo nightlife

Yakisoba and Sushi have also entered the mainstream and can be found in regular, non-Japanese restaurants.
This city has an unbelievably prosperous and assorted night life that is able to provide entertainment for all tastes, from conventional samba-rock live music to electro-pop night clubs. At least one night out is worth planning, while you’re in the town after you book cheap flight tickets.
On the other hand, São Paulo’s nightlife can be quite luxurious; most clubs charge an entrance fee. But overall it’s a ‘not-to-miss’ opportunity with Sao Paulo Flights.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup hitting Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the birth place of football. Three of Brazil’s most powerful football clubs are from Sao Paulo: Palmeiras, Corinthians and Sao Paulo. The Arena Corinthians is due to host the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 12 2014.

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